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  • Alan Dean Foster Interview!

    We spoke with the king of media tie-in novelizations and adaptations himself, Alan Dead Foster! We asked him about Shadowkeep and a whole slew of other stuff, so you don’t want to miss it!

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    Shadowkeep: Part 3

    One more trip into Shadowkeep! In this episode we follow the party through their adventures conclusion and then we get coy about next weeks episode. Wink. Nudge. Also we talk about what we are playing this week and MORE! Actually, no not more, pretty much exactly what this description says.

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    Shadowkeep: Part 2

    The action and adventure gets cranked up to 12th gear as the part arrives at Shadowkeep! But first they gotta make a stop with an…

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    Shadowkeep: Part 1

    New series! We are reading through Shadowkeep, which is potentially the first videogame novelization ever! It was written by Alan Dean Foster and based on the videogame Shadowkeep by Spinnaker Software. We first heard about this book when we interviewed Seth Godin to ask him about the Worlds of Power series. 

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