Halo: The Flood Part 3

We dive into more of Halo: The Flood by William Dietz and FINALLY we get introduced to the creepy crawly Flood. You know, perhaps Captain Keyes should just stay at the base next time, cause this guy has NO luck.

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Phil 0:00
It's a it's a long term thing they're not really good at the long ball libertarians

Kevin Erhard 0:03
aren't weird with the aren't good with the longest view in the room. No, no, but you know who always has the longest view in the room? Who's that? Hey there everybody. Welcome back to pixelate My name is Kevin with me as always is Phil

Phil 0:19

Kevin Erhard 0:23
dorable Hello,

Phil 0:24
thank you I just Just got done watching The Pajama Game with the with so I'm in a very 50s Holy shit this is all about unions What the fuck is going on and kind of

Kevin Erhard 0:35
a move? Go unions? You know, I your go unions.

Phil 0:39
It's so pro union and it came out in 57 I can't believe that none of them had to stand before Joseph McCarthy. Oh,

Kevin Erhard 0:47
yeah. I mean, it might have been two, two. I don't know was it was it? Was it obviously you pro union or was it?

Phil 0:58
Oh, yes. Like literally the bad guy is the boss and he calls them all a bunch of communists.

Kevin Erhard 1:05
That's right. That's right on the tin right there.

Phil 1:08
It is very all it's missing is Sally Field holding up a sign that says unit on it. That's like all it's missing it. It's based on a novel called Seven and a half cents because that's what these people are asking for an extra seven and add it to their hourly wage. That's the whole plotline and a woman who works with the union and a man who's one of the manager head but bashers ends up falling in love. And that's so it's

Kevin Erhard 1:34
Romeo and Juliet, but for unions and corporate corporations.

Phil 1:40
I mean, I wanted to kill myself, but it wasn't great. It was just surprising.

Kevin Erhard 1:49
It wasn't. It wasn't a good movie. It was just surprised.

Phil 1:53
No, I've never even heard I heard of The Pajama Game. Like when you're in high school musicals you always hear about the school across town is doing The Pajama Game. Everyone does The Pajama Game. And I never knew what it was about. And me and my fiance, this this month are watching nothing but films that are adapted from the state. That's our little chat here.

Kevin Erhard 2:15
That's your theme for the month. It's it's really easy. What and I just got to say for everybody who doesn't know, Phil and his fiancee, every month or seasonally it would be probably more specific. Yeah, it's more like a seasonal thing. They watch a specific movie. So for it was spooky movies in October and then like November into December, it was hot. It was a it was a Christmas movie every night. And it was the most god awful Christmas movies are so bad. It's the ones that you're thinking of that are just like, you know, they're made in like a week. And that's true. They're they're made in seven to 10 days. That's the shooting time should the directors have little to no say in anything that happens. It's just like there's a, there's a house style that is handed to them. They're like, You got to do this. So there's though

Phil 3:07
every now and then one of them will do something kind of subversive. And you start to notice, because you start to notice the patterns. And every now and then one of them will do something that is like totally anti the pattern. It'd be an Emily go,

Kevin Erhard 3:20
Whoa, that wasn't yes to happen.

Phil 3:25
It's so funny. And it's hilarious, because by the end of because we did we did two months of holiday movies. And we had to, we had to space out the good ones. You know, your white Christmas, your Christmas story, you know, your Christmas vacation. You have to space those out, because most of them are hot garbage. And we will just scream at the television and make fun of it and shout and get so pissed off. And then it literally it's been it's been it's been almost three weeks since we watched our last holiday movie. And I'm already like, looking forward to November that's like it's so pitiful. We've that's our we've done that two years in a row. And then this and then we decided we're like, you know, let's let's keep doing the challenges. But let's let's try something else. And we were doing yesterday

Kevin Erhard 4:19
on stage adaptation. That's a good, that's a good choice.

Unknown Speaker 4:23
It's a lot easier.

Kevin Erhard 4:24
There's so many of them too.

Phil 4:26
There's so many so you there's a lot more flossing, right?

Kevin Erhard 4:29
Right in the 50s. Like, there was like, a week. Well,

Phil 4:35
we, we we we keep trying these 50s 60s once like we did The Pajama Game that was a past and and I said Damn Yankees. I remember seeing

Kevin Erhard 4:45
him Yeah, it's boring as hell. It was so bad.

Phil 4:50
It's literally about a guy who gives his soul to the devil to play baseball. And then it gets weird. It was just so bad. And, and like, these are classic movie musicals that were like, What

Kevin Erhard 5:06
is there's like a bunch of musicals that are on the AFI top 100, which is a garbage list. It's it's just garbage list. But there's a bunch of them that are in the top 100 that are just like, they don't belong there. There's like some really old dude, like, remembered seeing it when he was a child. And was like, and was like, this belongs on the list and be like, Sure, okay, maybe it was foundational at one point, but it is. It is. It's such a soft foundation

Phil 5:38
is nearly unwatchable. At this point. It is like the

Kevin Erhard 5:41
foundation of the Tower of Pisa.

Phil 5:44
Yeah. And it's the funniest thing about when you do staged meet when you do stage shows and stuff like that, when you're watching movie adaptations of you, you. You get whiplash in the theme and the tone, because like we watch Damn Yankees, we watch A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, which is just a total farce and zero my style and it's the 60s, it's all the worst parts of the 60s. And you're like Jesus Christ. And then and then we watched fences, with Denzel and Viola Davis, and it's fucking magnificent and very strong and serious. And and you're like, Oh, God, we need to warm ourselves

Kevin Erhard 6:28
up. So you're not just doing musicals at stage. No, no. Plays. Yeah.

Phil 6:34
Yeah. Yeah, that's good. And so always a good opportunity to just

Kevin Erhard 6:40
if you wanted to, you could throw the New West Side Story.

Phil 6:44
Yeah. So that theaters actually, we love Yeah, oui, oui, oui. It's, I found out the other day. She told me that it's not doing well. At all. It's a it's a sin. It's a sin. It's a magnificent film. If you guys are listening, and you haven't seen Westside story, watch. Yeah. This is by the way, this is me and Kevin's

Kevin Erhard 7:06
movie theater misses our movie. Yeah, we talk about theater. We talk about movies. No, actually.

Phil 7:14
It's all annotation, all adaptation,

Kevin Erhard 7:16
you know, call me Charlie Kaufman, because it's all adaptation to me.

No, now today we're talking about we're doing part three of our Halo the flood series by a New York Times New York Times bestselling author, William C. Dietz, William C Dietz, and where we last left off flipping back because of course, I didn't mark the page like a

Phil 7:48
fool. Like we're gonna go through all my notes on Mega Man

Kevin Erhard 7:56
air man's it's like 160 or something. There. We got chapter

Phil 8:02
six adds it? Yes, chapter six.

Kevin Erhard 8:05
The spine like is all messed up now on my book, so I'm folding it like you got it. You get a break. I broke that spine like like Bane breaking Batman's back.

Phil 8:17
Bring me the back.

Kevin Erhard 8:20
So chapter six is where we last left less where we left off last episode. And it's a it's a Mackay chapter to begin with it's McKay section. And she's talking about how she's there. Basically, they got these vehicles are driving. And she's like, You know what, I'm not going to hide these vehicles. We're just going to drive in formation and because we can't Yeah, so they're getting little really, really have much choice. Basically, they're they're heading towards Alpha base, and they're setting up for what is going to be a confrontation with covenant. And this is a big time another in descending response village covenant. Yeah, this is posts the pillaging of the Pillar of Autumn that was too many peas in a sentence. And cabinet

Phil 9:14
prospects are the pillar

Kevin Erhard 9:18
of the pillar. Yeah, so that's happening. I apologize for the PS. The one thing I really noted was, and I hate this

Phil 9:31
it's always a good sign.

Kevin Erhard 9:32
I hate this is his his quoting that Psalm? Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and I thought it would have been better and slash more hilarious, but just better overall, if she said it's like that Coolio lyric.

Phil 9:57
Yes, no, because This is like what is its what's the year?

Kevin Erhard 10:02
That is, this is I don't know, the year it's like 25 something? I don't know.

Phil 10:07
Yeah, it's hundreds of years. It's like it's a long time. And, and we're gonna go ahead and get the Warhammer 40k reference right off the top. When you read the stories of 40k, it's, it's, it's the it's like literally the, your 40,000 minutes and, and they still have pieces of the oldest civilizations and everything like that. And so you'll get like quotes in there every now and then. And it'll be like a William Shakespeare quote, but the name will have shifted over the years. And so it will be William Shakespeare, you know, poets of the ancient time before the Dark Ages, you know, it just it's like, it's it's stuffily I wish they would have done that, because that's what happens. That's what happens. It'd be a different these people wouldn't be speaking English, it would be a totally different language. But yeah, yeah. It would be an even if they were speaking English, their version of English will be nothing like

Kevin Erhard 11:03
exactly. And deeds didn't. I mean, that's like, if you're, if you're creating your own IP, and you're gonna create a series and like, you are really getting into the world building and lore building and all that stuff, then yeah, you would probably start mucking about with stuff like that, where it's like, changing syntax of words and all that, right. But

Phil 11:28
he was like, he was like, let Bungie worry. Yeah, I'm not.

Kevin Erhard 11:31
But that being said, I hate I hate that psalm being quoted in things. Because it's just so trite. At this point, it gets used so often. And also, nobody ever finishes it. They just say the first part and like, if you're gonna reference it, just, it's like five more words.

Phil 11:57
It gets really gaudy. And so they're like, they're like, We don't want to we don't want to get so old. It's like

Kevin Erhard 12:03
the ride and the shepherding and be like, I'm not afraid Robin they staff the staff, they comfort me and I am not afraid and

Phil 12:11
let's face it, let's face it out of context, I rot at comfort, little gay. And we all know Spartans ain't gay. That's just it's been

Kevin Erhard 12:23
it's been I beg to differ. I think I think the Spartans would be well, they're named after a Greek

Phil 12:31
You mean to tell me that someone named after the Spartans might be a little bi curious

Kevin Erhard 12:38
they like you know they have a they're very open minded the Spartans they are one thing or that actually that is the one thing that they're very much not as open minded. Anyway, anyway, yeah, McKay is comforted by the rod and Oh, of course, she is moving on with her convoy. Saul is working when the coming fight firepower would sound like a hair look at a nonbeliever?

Phil 13:07
Yeah, yeah. Just just just curse God and die. Yeah, and we get we get a little we get a little cut to some covenant. Troopers a job. I only wrote more in here. What's What was the full name more to me. More to me, which is which is what I had actually on my Tinder profile for years. There's more to me than the profile picture suggests. Just pounced upon

Kevin Erhard 13:41
the picture of you with the with the like the purple. Like suede jacket, like smoking jacket. Oh, my smoking jacket.

Phil 13:53
I look good, man. We're gonna have to work it out for

Kevin Erhard 13:56
that yet. So the next stream and and for the show, you're gonna have to if we ever do a live show, that's gonna have to be your

Phil 14:03
Oh, God. Yes. All right, yeah, if we do a live show that is on the table. So he's watching them with he's old. He's old. He's there with a field master field commander basically. And who basically accuses him of being a spy basically trying to be cool about it. He's like, like very calm but he basically says you know, like, I know you're here to watch me just as you are. As much as much as you are meant to watch them. Yeah. We get another like example of male covenant isn't always covenant a little Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 14:40
He's less than a spy and more of like a bureaucrat. He's He's basically like a number cruncher who's just there to like, like, look just right, the effectiveness of their guys versus the effectiveness of the enemy. And just just really, that's all he's doing.

Phil 14:58
It's all he's doing. So Get that moment. And then and then we got lots we got so much fighting. So much fighting battles inhabit the covenant forces.

Kevin Erhard 15:08
This scene, this sequence is per long standing rule, we're not gonna get into all the nitty gritty, but it's actually this is probably one of my favorite battle sequences in the book. Because it was the way it's written, I can form and it has a lot of variety in terms of the stuff that happens in it. It's not just like, there's an engagement and and they're fighting. So yeah, they

Phil 15:35
deeds deeds likes to kill them in various ways. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 15:42
So one of my favorite things that happens is, at some point, there's a lance corporal who gets thrown from from a Warthog. And he's, he's getting, he's trying to figure out, you know, what do I got to do? And he gets gets back to the word hog and he finds a sniper rifle. And he takes it and it's like, check off sniper rifle. So he takes it and he Yeah, and he hides it. Oh, that's, we know that's gonna come back around. And then a couple of scenes later. A couple of this is a great segue. Good. Is, is mort, Morty boy, the spies is talking to the field field master the field commander. And he's like, they're there. Blah, blah, blah, blah. And he's more is like talking to the is basically saying you're doing a bad job like they're waiting. I'm gonna report I'm writing a report on how bad of a job more 10 explodes from the sniper shot. That was a few scenes earlier.

Phil 16:48
Yeah. It's fantastic. It's yeah, it's just it's a thing for it. And that's not important to the grand story. It's not gonna come back for any reason it was just deets was like we're having another fight scene. Let's make it

Kevin Erhard 17:08
interesting. To do some fun stuff in here. Let's put some skin in the

Phil 17:13
game here with like, some weird ass bureaucrat and like, like, these people really aren't going to come up all that much. And it just gives you a personal taste for this big ass fight that happens. It's it's fantastic. And eventually, the humanity makes it to this gap, and basically pushes back the couple

Kevin Erhard 17:34
forces. It's a covenant it's a victory for for the UFC. And the covenant has to retreat. Then finally, we get where we jumped back. And we're with masterchief. as we as we should be, actually, it was like, it was almost like a letdown to be back with masterchief after that battle sequence, because it was a little because this sequence that plays out it for masterchief is very, very straightforward from the game, because I've been replaying the game now to kind of catch up to where we are in the book. And it's like, I was, I had just finished the silent cartographer mission. And then I was reading it in the book I like, oh, yeah, this is not changing a whole lot. No,

Phil 18:25
no. And it doesn't really, because Because frankly, and we've talked about this before, but Dietz is doing the right thing here. Because the first Halo game was revolutionary for its time. But looking back on it, it's just like a lot of rooms that kind of look the same, especially if

Kevin Erhard 18:45
you play the if you play the anniversary edition. And you flip over to the old version. You're like playing the new version of the game. You're like, oh, man, it's so gorgeous. This is this is what it looked like back in two. And then you flip over. No, no, it was just a lot of really, oh, it was just a lot of gray walls.

Phil 19:02
It was just a lot of sludge. And yeah, so we're gonna get eventually to a point where, for those of you who joined us for the first Halo book for the full reach, we are going to get back to a point where masterchief is a little more introspective and thinking about the things that are going on. We are not there. You're not there yet. For now it is him. Looking for the silent cartographer, killing lines of jackals and grunts and all

Kevin Erhard 19:35
occasional hunters. He's blowing hunters up with rocket launchers

Phil 19:40
which will get increasingly easy as it goes for Subbarao

Kevin Erhard 19:43
he just

Phil 19:44
we're gonna get

Kevin Erhard 19:45
serious just became a pretty easy thing because there's one point where he feels there's kind of a very cinematic moment in the sequence where he kills a hunter While standing in the ocean, like the it's kind of a it's kind of a pretty neat like he's, he's up to his like knees in the ocean when the waves are coming in and he blows up a hunter with a rocket launcher, there's blood the hunters blood is spewing into the water. That's kind of cool. It's really out. And then he kills the bond brother with like, there's like a sentence dedicated to it's like, I took the next one's head off.

Phil 20:26
Right? And it only gets easier as he goes, like, like, and I think part of it was like, you know, I want part of it's because you start to realize you face these hunters kind of a lot. There are no bosses in the first Halo game. The hunters kind of serve as the closest thing. Yeah, have to boss. Yes. And I wanted, I wish that he would have just used them less clearly. We run into them a lot. And so for necessity, the writer deeds just kind of makes them easier to do. We'll get into that in a second. But like, they just get easier and easier to kill. And you just want to go just make them rarer. It doesn't matter. No one's going to like, count. Well, actually, you know what, I take it back, gamers may take this book and go, alright, there were four hunters that you skipped. And so I take it all back. Maybe Maybe he didn't need to be that precise, on

Kevin Erhard 21:21
precise pedantic what he, you know, whichever.

Phil 21:26
So yeah, he blows up a couple of hunters with a rocket launcher, blames himself briefly for the death of a couple of Marines that had joined him and a way out. And we have an interesting we do have an interesting moment there, where he's just mentally thinking to himself, that he that he's to blame, and Cortana almost reads his mind and literally says out loud, you know, you're not to blame for Right. Which is interesting on a set is yeah, just they're sharing they're sharing of brain place.

Kevin Erhard 21:59
They are they are Yeah. So they they continue the firefight through. It's if you played Halo it's the silent cartographer level you know there which is a great level to be a great level to be playing

Phil 22:13
not always a great level to be reading Yeah, we Yeah, we're we're making our way down.

Kevin Erhard 22:24
Chief gets wounded pretty bad at one point in this in this sequence. Whether that pays off in an interesting way and later I don't know. We don't know yet. Because we're not there. But he has to actually take his armor partially off to plug a wounds that he gets from from I think he gets he gets like ambushed or something like that. Yeah, he

Phil 22:51
gets he gets he gets it's another mentor. Basically who like he get he gets some chicken his arm or something like that. And he has Yeah, use that Google phone to fill up the womb, right. And Cortana is pretty sure they're being tracked because it feels like everywhere they go they're running into these rights. Which is a fair

Kevin Erhard 23:14
that's a fair assessment of their situation.

Phil 23:18
Yeah, and we do get a little lip service to Cortana being kind of worried that she's pushing masterchief too far. Which isn't a lot and we do get here as he's healing himself up this is I felt like Kevin you'll probably agree with me when you hear the quote this is a very important moment. In minutes he had suited up popped awake up stem and moved on a match cheap does blow what else is awake upset like? You can't tell me he had a he had a quick espresso handle himself a nice hot Americano with me

Kevin Erhard 23:57
on their armor has an espresso machine built into it.

Phil 24:01
It does it looks

Kevin Erhard 24:06
just like you just like bends the elbow and like espresso starts dripping. The steam and all that it's it's a beautiful sight. And when he's taking the armor off in like patching himself up. He couldn't see it but Cortana was like was like hugging him from behind and Unchained Melody was playing. Yes,

Phil 24:27
yes. Yes. And then when the espresso is made, it comes out in a little paper cup. And Cortana holds out and goes Master Chef, Master Chef, espresso for Master Chef. Alright, I think I think we just I think that horse is good and

Kevin Erhard 24:51
in the next scene, the the covenant is reinforcing but masterchief finds the the button base It's the end of the certainly sound cartographer level where you find the map that tells you where the control center is. And yeah and word for word you get the end of that moment with, with Cortana paging Captain keys and foe hammer responding captain has dropped out of contact Cortana has shipped maybe out of range or maybe having equipment problems. Yep. And what do you think he's captured by the covenant again?

Phil 25:34
Again? Fucking Captain low

Kevin Erhard 25:40
and it's just come on keep staring and the Curb Your Enthusiasm music? Yeah, yeah. Directed by Robert B. weedy.

Phil 25:53
Cheese. Come on. Come

Kevin Erhard 25:54
on, Jake. Jake. Jake. The snake keys.

Phil 25:58
Yeah. Speaking of which,

Kevin Erhard 26:02
he's listening to the incessant slam beat slam BAM beat of the surgeons colonial flip music. Yeah. Which doesn't tell me anything about what sounds like.

Phil 26:13
What is that? What is that is literally ladies and gentlemen. That is literally how they describe it.

Kevin Erhard 26:20
Slam bam, slam BAM beat slam BAM beat.

Phil 26:24
Is that is that the soundtrack? But that's not how I describe it. It's kind of more orchestral than beautiful with a good drum section. Yeah. So they're they've interrogated a covenant grunts for information. They're basically they're searching throughout the structure trying to find some sort of a Is it like a cash? Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 26:49
yeah, they're looking for covenant weapons that they can take and kind of reinforce their own weapons. Because they're running out of, you know, they're running out of bullets and armor and etc. So they might as well start using covenant stuff. Right? So basically this guy, this prisoner is like, fine. There's like a, there's like a building in the middle of a swamp. And they're like, Alright, let's go check it out.

Phil 27:20
And yeah, they find themselves in this structure. And we get the standard. I'm not feeling so good about this kind of ailment.

Kevin Erhard 27:30

Phil 27:31
Right. Stone, Stone that bullshit. Hudson. And, and suddenly they are swarmed by what those of us who play the game know as the

Kevin Erhard 27:47
little blobby dudes just come in and start possessing people left and right now it's giving them spinal Marines certain needles. I don't taps right into the right into the back. Right. And it's not a good site. It's really unfortunate. Jacob, Captain keys is possessed. Everybody's possessed by these these these flood flood monsters. And yeah, the we got a horror, a horrific moment at the end. Jenkins helpless to do anything about it. By the way, there's a Jacob Jenkins and Johnson in this scene. And yes, I was violating there's like some internal rule that I have about like not reusing the letter, especially within a scene just because tried right? Oh boy. It's there's too many days.

Phil 28:43
It's just a real. I'm not saying that you don't know. People with a bunch of the same first letter in the names of saying if you have the choice, you got five characters and you you get to choose what they're named. Do yourself a favor pick a different letter for each one to

Kevin Erhard 28:57
pick a different letter. Because Jenkins anyway, Jenkins. He screamed and the air left his lungs but no one turned to look. Yeah, yeah, I have a mouth and I must scream but nobody cares. That's the that's the that's that was the next you see if that was Geralyn married book next door. The next

Phil 29:19
few words. I rod and thy staff they comfort me but nobody cares. Like that's just if they would just keep nobody

Kevin Erhard 29:29
cares. Harlan Ellison. Yeah.

Phil 29:33
I don't think Harlan Ellison. Back there. Harlan Ellison only cares if you're

Kevin Erhard 29:41
chapter seven. Guess who's getting back? Well, it's Danny Zuko. But Danny's know what that means? What does that mean? That means Yeah, yep.

Phil 29:55
Yeah, yep. Yep, yep, lives.

Kevin Erhard 30:01
So zookas Ma Ma is a Mimi, whatever. He's in the in the council chambers. And this is like, this is a great scene. Totally pitch black in there. He walks in, and he's like, Hey, he got called in there, what's up? And nothing happens until another spotlight comes on. And his, his superior, his old superior officer role of me, the guy who talked to the council into letting zuka do whatever he wanted, like, just the head, his head on a spear.

Phil 30:35
Yeah. And they and they tell them and it's kind of ridiculous because they tell him like his the elders or whatever, like telling zuka like that. He is heads on a plate literally, for his failure is failure to do anything and they're upset with zuka with Danny Zuko, because of his failure, his inability to bring down the Master Chief and I wanted to go, Oh, now, Chief man, Zuko came in there and was trying to warn you. You didn't trust him the first time finally you have already gave him permission and now you're Oh, you fucking covenant sucks. I know. That's an unpopular opinion.

Kevin Erhard 31:16
Yeah, yeah. Why? Why are you doing me? I'm right.

Phil 31:20
I'm a fuckup. Man. Fuck the covenant.

Kevin Erhard 31:24
Yeah, you know what I gotta say? Fuck the covenant.

Phil 31:28
don't like them very much. I know that they are the enemy of humanity. And they've murdered millions upon millions of humans. I was I was tolerating I was giving them the benefit. I

Kevin Erhard 31:39
was giving them their space to learn and grow and adjust. But then exactly, I learned that they are also shitty bureaucrats. And that was an excuse. Like,

Phil 31:48
you know what? Oh, man. The straw and the paraplegic camel.

Kevin Erhard 31:56
Camel is broken.

Phil 31:58
The camel is baru.

Kevin Erhard 32:01
So we got we're we're back with masterchief after we do get Yeah, app in the scene, but it's just like a sentence. Yeah. Yep. Is

Phil 32:10
very, very brief. We get away better.

Kevin Erhard 32:12
Much. There's better Yeah, yep. Coming. To come better. Yeah. Yep. Yes, not this.

Phil 32:22
So who cares? No, but he's still just on his way to find the command center for the silent cartographer.

Kevin Erhard 32:30
And now he's in that cold area that you're in as you're going to find the command center. And it's literally built for beat that level, including, like you're crossing the bridge. And there's, there's literally written in here justification for all the weird shapes and cover that you find on the bridge. Yeah, I'll sing it. It's a little weird. I would have just ignored it and just said he fights across the bridge, but now that deeds rights in the the blocks that are on the bridge for no reason,

Phil 33:00
which, okay, sure.

Kevin Erhard 33:03
So yeah, he crosses sciences

Phil 33:06
way past the bridge onto a lift fights a tank, as he's getting closer to a bunch of pinned Marines, which you probably recognize, they keep in the Marines take out the tank. And take the valley and Olli is theirs. And here's another hilarious moment kind of a wink to the audience. Cortana basically says there are a lot of valleys just like this one. So you're gonna there, you're going to go from valley to valley freeing Marines, and probably killing a lot of covenant along the way.

Kevin Erhard 33:39
And then you get the you reach the all Valley tournament. And you have to face off against Johnny Lawrence and Cobra Kai

Phil 33:50
eggs, I'm literally gonna make a cobra. It was like whatever he says, Next, I'll add and Cobra Kai, and then you fucking This is why we're on the show. This is why this is why this works.

Kevin Erhard 34:05
And that's what we do. And

Phil 34:09
he sweeps the leg and we get we do get a nice little little bit of an introspective moment for masterchief at the end of this section, where it's clear that he's just happy to be part of a team. Yeah. He's happy to be fighting alongside the Marines instead of being a one man Wrecking Crew. You know, so he's, he's, he's enjoying his time with

Kevin Erhard 34:29
those damn good, man. Yes, yeah. Watch those trees. This ain't no pick next.

Phil 34:39
Well, I wrote down in the next section I wrote down Silva and McKay, and then nothing else. I don't remember what happened here. I don't think it mattered all that much in the grand scheme of things.

Kevin Erhard 34:54
Oh, it it. It matters because it is It's the lead up to find in Yeah, yep.

Phil 35:04
Oh, okay. Yes, that is that is the

Kevin Erhard 35:07
only thing that matters important is okay. So yeah is laying in a pot in a wreckage of a ghost. I believe he's been planted planted there as if he's dying. They basically zuka beat him. So he looked like what's in a crash and left him?

Phil 35:29
In no way taking any pleasure.

Kevin Erhard 35:33
And yeah, it's there to get picked up because they believe that the Marines are going to take prisoners, which they do. But yeah, like maybe they don't take prisoners and I'll just die.

Phil 35:45
Yeah, that would be pretty good. Means I would if I died instead that would be all right. And he's but he's gonna He's gonna signal beak and attached to his,

Kevin Erhard 35:58
his breathing apparatus breathing apparatus.

Phil 36:02
So the the idea is they want him to be captured so they can track him and I like this

Kevin Erhard 36:06
line. Yes, Zim. The Mimi swore that the humans took prisoners. But what did he know thus far? Yeah, I've been unimpressed with zoomies.

Phil 36:18
Which, you know what? You and me both. Like,

Kevin Erhard 36:22
I mean, good, Lord. Uh huh. Yeah, I was reading this is reading this situation correctly.

Phil 36:30
Yes, he's totally right. He's totally so yeah, he's he's and the and the Marines find him and they literally he's he pretends there's there's a part where it says it would be much easier for me to it would be way better if I was unconscious in this moment. So he went ahead and went unconscious because he was already beaten to a bowl and he's just like you know what? I want to act real good let's go method passes out they threw him in the back of in the back of

Kevin Erhard 37:08
Marlon Brando would only dream. Uh,

Phil 37:11
oh god. Marlon Brando as Yeah, yes. Yeah. Directed he can you imagine the actor studio

Kevin Erhard 37:20
interview directed by Orson Welles.

Phil 37:23
Between oh my god, him and Marlon Brando and James Lipton are all in hell. And they're just talking about Brando's moment as Yeah, as directed by Orson Welles.

Kevin Erhard 37:36
Yeah, Orson Welles is actually Orson Welles is not in the room he is bitching about it to Peter Bogdanovich. Rip Peter Bogdanovich five oh,

Unknown Speaker 37:51
just oh my god. Oh, yes.

Kevin Erhard 37:54
When this episode comes out a little bit like a month ago, but yeah, all right, Peter, Peter. Orson Welles his best friend Peter Brock

Phil 38:03
kicked Dawson's ass in the end Didn't you want so we get back to masterchief he's getting closer to the command center he steals a ghost he's got to ride it up this pyramid which is actually a really you know, this is kind of an infamous lemon in Halo you got to ride your way up this pyramid because the the command center is going to be at the top now this is where I'm sorry about he takes out a hunter he kills a hunter and he knows they come in pairs he looks for the other hunter shoots in the back and kills it and I can't help but think I feel like all the other ones are harder to kill. Because he even says I wish I had a rocket launcher and then he just kind of unload kills it and the other ones back and he's just he's dead. Oh, like I was being dramatic before I guess and in

Kevin Erhard 38:57
the game it takes like if you're using the standard marine weapons it takes like you have to be in dodge the hunter like four or five times shooting it in the

Phil 39:09
baggie that that guy is soaks up shovel ammo, and yeah, so he just he just does that. There's a there's a hilarious scene where there's like, some covenant with a turret gun. And he just Mo's them down. And it's kind of like it made me think of the Indiana Jones shooting the guy with a so seize this opportunity where we're expecting another grand battle and just really fuck it.

Kevin Erhard 39:43
He's really tired. Yeah,

Phil 39:45
he says I've had a long day and, and moslem down and then finally makes his way to the apex of the pyramid and finds the command center and he pops Cortana in there and she just There's like a squirrel on so paying when they

Kevin Erhard 40:02
throw really loves it she's turning collars she's like the the she is the she's the the person who in Twilight Zone who wants everybody to be gone so he can read his books

Phil 40:16
right she just she's got all this information coming to her all at once and she loses her mind and then all of a sudden finds information on the flood and starts to realize that the covenant discovered something here something or horrible.

Kevin Erhard 40:30
She also cause Master Chief barbarian

Phil 40:36
because he's busy because yes, your feelings feelings, because these were told this is a weapon. He's we're told that this is a weapon. He says okay, so show me how to use the weapon because it's not like a fucking club. You fucking barbarian. It's like, oh.

Kevin Erhard 40:58
But yeah, so she's like, we got to go find keys because the weapons cache he's looking for it's not really we can't let him get inside. Too late for that. We're in section four of the book now.

Phil 41:12
Section chapter eight. Chapter Eight.

Kevin Erhard 41:15
The the section is 343 Guilty Spark. And it has a poster of of masterchief getting his arm wrapped up by a flood. A flood modeling. What's

Phil 41:31
the flood link? A member of the flood. Flood flood night. I like that one flood.

Kevin Erhard 41:40
Yeah, so he's now he's getting dropped off by fo hammer at the swamp where he was where masterchief was less last seen.

Phil 41:50
My goal is to find key Yes. Now

Kevin Erhard 41:53
let's let's find keys. Meanwhile, we jump inside keys head and he's living memories like

Phil 42:00
this. This is good. This was this was

Kevin Erhard 42:03
basically the flood is like sucking memories out of his mind. And it's like it's making it clear like this is the last time he's gonna remember this.

Phil 42:13
Right? He's He's losing memories. And he has to, he's got this buzzing chant in his head. He can't move. He can't even speak. And he's trying to kind of hold on to these different memories and they don't have a it's not all bad memories are all good memories, that just memories memories of the first guy he killed motion he had like all kinds of stuff. And as we go on, he kind of starts to really he needs to hold on to these memories as best as he can. If only to retain some level of humanity here.

Kevin Erhard 42:45
Yeah. Yeah. So we jump back to Chief and he is now stalking through the swamp. And he's fighting. He's finding basis. Basically, he finds a wreck of a it finds a wreck of a pelican. He also finds a wreck of a covenant drop ship. Yeah, like just it's like, and they're both like just sinking into the swamp muck. Right. Yeah, there's like,

Phil 43:23
and we get this whole thing with him like, figuring out what went down. Like it's clear based on where the bodies are that the drop ship came down fine, that the people got out but that there was a firefight out. Fight. I'm not sure who that's for. Like, we all know, that Master Chief is like, good. Shit. I don't know. It's it feels a little yellow padding.

Kevin Erhard 43:51
But at the same time, I think it would be cool if there was more. If there was like a book that just focused on masterchief doing forensic investigations, or like a Spartan, I mean, that could be kind of neat, you know, Warhammer and

Phil 44:08
more to your point, I really do think we know who should play masterchief in the Netflix show they're gonna make it's well yeah, of course. He's got to play masterchief. I'm something

Kevin Erhard 44:19
of a Spartan myself.

Phil 44:25
So he gets it, he finds a shotgun. This is incredibly shocking for anybody. Anybody who's fought the flood, you know exactly how important a shotgun is. There's no opposition until a couple of jackals pass him and then we get into more shooty stuff, more shooting stuff. We get some more shooting

Kevin Erhard 44:46
at Friday, calcium jackals kill some grants. And then he starts finding bodies of like,

Phil 44:53
yeah, he finds the structure and he's literally following the dead bodies through the structure to figure out what Nice. I thought that was a nice touch. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 45:02
And they're not looking too good. They're like ripped apart dead body.

Phil 45:07
It's yeah, it is it is not moving.

Kevin Erhard 45:10
So he starts going down into the structure which Yeah, that's a that's a bad sign. Yeah, yeah. And there's there's some jackals down there he kills them. Like it's it's weird because it had he stops you probably would notice that the jackals are also probably afraid of whatever the fuck escape.

Phil 45:35
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now eventually he finds a half crazed marine Yeah, who is shooting at him and telling shouting about how you know you're not gonna turn me like the rest of it. But as Kevin pointed out, if he had stopped and done a little recon work and like listened to the jackals, he probably would have gotten this information a lot. Yes.

Kevin Erhard 45:56
Yeah. Because they're all They're all just like, terrified of what's going on. Whoever's still alive down there. And this marine literally tries to shoot masterchief to death.

Phil 46:09
Yeah, and who he disarms the guy. The guy tells Master Chief to find his own hiding which is hilarious. Master Chief doesn't want to leave the guy but he realizes that there are a lot of Marines ahead of them

Kevin Erhard 46:27
Yeah, it's it's a numbers game. It's just like just it is He? He tells the guy like the you know, the exits that way just like get up the elevator and get out you know, but the guy and he just feels Yeah, he's he is trying not to cry cry a lot mean.

Phil 46:45
Right. So masterchief decides he's gonna go with you know, the needs of many over the needs of a few. And he ends up in a room he starts to feel watched. He's getting real kind of annoyed and starts to feel a feeling like he's being watched. And he's a room that's in a room filled with shells with spent shell casings. But no, there's

Kevin Erhard 47:07
nothing there. And he's also starting starting to feel alone. He had gotten very used to he had grown accustomed to Cortana his face to be to be Yeah,

Phil 47:23

Kevin Erhard 47:28
And she's not there right now because she's, she's back in the control center. The Halo control center still kind of like learning everything she can about what's going on with with Halo.

Phil 47:42
And so he finds but he does find a video he finds video footage of these fleshy blobs that it's basically he seeing the last Yeah, elements of keys squad going down. Yes,

Kevin Erhard 47:59
this is a perfect time or a dead space audio log.

Phil 48:06
Printers exactly what he gets screaming shooting fleshy blobs that he can't quite identify. And then suddenly these fuzzy blobs basically become real and start swarming him in that room. And then he starts making with the shooting

Kevin Erhard 48:21
he makes with the shooting fighter. Yeah. The so we have a scene jump over to Oh, yes. So while this is happening, well, while while masterchief is doing the shooting fit Alpha base is getting some weird call signs being barked at them because there's a pelican, a Charlie 217 that they thought was destroyed. And some of them aren't. And they're like, alright, you can come in and Wellesley's like yeah. Is let's let's get people ready to like, figure out what this is. So talented land on pad three, and we'll have we'll have people there to meet it. Right. So it cuts to inside the pelican. And there's this. There's this pilot, who is just like so how did I do? And and Zuko Danny zuka Zuko is just like you did great. And then he chokes him out with a garat.

Phil 49:29
Yeah. Which I had to wonder in this moment. What was it that he promised Yemen because like I understand the idea of like, taking a human hostage negotiating with them trying to get something for it. And the human doesn't say like Please don't kill me. You know, I did. I did good. Right. So please don't don't hurt me or something like that. It kind of but it's kind of worded more like he's expecting, right some kind.

Kevin Erhard 49:57
Yeah. Is he So the human inquired How did I do? Extremely well? Thank you and then he chokes him out

Phil 50:10
right it's so it's it's very weird it's it's it's kind of weird moment but what's important is that we have betrayal from within and zookas using it to basically he's got a pelican that is filled with covenants or

Kevin Erhard 50:26
with yeah with with invisible the the yeah the cloaked covenant elites and then there is going to be another six drop ships once the once Alpha base was engaged with those initial elites Yeah, then another six drop ships were gonna come. Basically, they they, they land and

Phil 50:52
it zookas looking.

Kevin Erhard 50:54
They're looking for Mashie.

Phil 50:56
He's looking for mass chief who isn't there

Kevin Erhard 50:58
now, and so yeah, cuz yeah. Is is in a jail cell, basically three levels one level down. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Phil 51:11
He had seen it so. And I love really started because he's trying to decide whether or not he wouldn't be better. Just staying with the human system.

Kevin Erhard 51:20
Take me with you.

Phil 51:22
Yeah, it's just like, You know what, these guys take prisoners. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. And I just stayed with them. And by the time he's like Ebola, he's he's caught in thought with that. zuka suddenly shows up to rescue him. And he's super surprised about this turn of events until he realizes that zuka is only doing this because he figures Yeah, yep, knows we're matching. So he's kind of like, fuck you. So you don't love the app? No,

Kevin Erhard 51:50
sir. Yeah, yeah, it's like, yeah, he's, uh, guarding some, some ships that they did some ghosts that they captured down a landing pad over there. And zookas like, oh, take me to it. Meanwhile, the Marines are not faring that well against the they started out on their back heels fighting against the covenant during this like incursion. But it starts to turn rat. Like they kind of get them. So they do want the one thing they do is they they throw gasoline on gasoline, and it starts hitting the invisible troopers and light them on fire

Phil 52:34
and they just light them up. It's pretty great. I mean, that is not that is if you told me you're like alright, this novelization of this game. This here's the mystery. Tell us what game this is. There's going to be a bunch of Marines that are going to pour gasoline on these invisible guys, and light them up that way, like improvised Molotovs Yeah, basically, what game is that? I wouldn't have fucking guessed Halo. Like not at all. It's really brutal.

Kevin Erhard 53:05
Like that's like some alien versus predator versus Marines or something like type of

Phil 53:16
I could see that and fall out I can see that in like any number of game worlds not this one. So it's down and dirty

Kevin Erhard 53:24
down and dirty. But so they kind of they kind of turn they turn the tide. With their their anti aircraft guns Wellesley controls, their anti aircraft guns. A couple one of the dropships gets taken right out of the sky doesn't even get a chance to land. Yeah, and and basically, they're they start sniper, the snipers just set up and they start shooting the the the grunts and the jackals and they leave while they're still in the the dropships up.

Phil 53:55
Yeah. Just taking them out.

Kevin Erhard 53:59
So they would hit the ground dead. So, so yeah, yeah. Yep. Meanwhile, basically has to decide to take Zuko to where he quote unquote masterchief is

Phil 54:28
I'm gonna I'm taking I'm just basic. And he puts a galter gun on him. Yeah, yep. Basically says, Yeah, you know, and I was fucking with you. He's not here. And so it was like, Why? Why You're pissing me off. Why did you bring me here? And he goes, because you're the only one who knows to drive one of these ships. So you're gonna go ahead and drive it and also good.

Kevin Erhard 54:51
Like, he's like, guess what your fucking battle is over. Like, you got it. Like I'm I'm saving both of our by making you get out of here because they last

Phil 55:04
right way to go yeah yeah like for actually using is like it's one thing to be like the cowardly goblin character who wants to survive and get out but but he's also being actually pretty swears like look the fights over let's go so yeah pretty cool pretty cool note for yesterday

Kevin Erhard 55:26
I had like where yeah apps character is going and I am excited to follow along his journey it's so good it's a good journey meanwhile

Phil 55:40
oh yeah yeah

Kevin Erhard 55:41
we're we're getting some some some some good shooty action from from masterchief

Phil 55:49
yes dealing Master Chief taken out he's

Kevin Erhard 55:51
fighting the flood and he's and by the way

Phil 55:55
his strategy for killing them is pretty accurate to how the best strategy for killing them in

Kevin Erhard 56:01
the gas as reading as like these like tips for the game

Phil 56:05
right it's kind of like Megaman two answers like except Except they didn't end the chapter upside down going Did you know if you use the shotgun against the blood you can kill

Kevin Erhard 56:15
Did you know that air Man is weak to shotgun

Phil 56:18
right But aren't we Oh anyway chapter

Kevin Erhard 56:23
like chapter 19 Hemingway man

Phil 56:27
right Do you know who else is weak to shotgun mom and dad anyhow keep man looks like

Kevin Erhard 56:41
Mega Man got Menendez brothers weapon

Phil 56:46
rockin go God got dark always was it was always gonna get

Kevin Erhard 56:56
dark it while we're talking about the flood so it's getting real dark now because masterchief now is not only fighting the flood, but he's fighting zombified elites.

Phil 57:06
Yeah. And he's quickly and you know, they don't waste a lot of time with him going, Wait a minute. Wait, these used to be covenant soldiers. What's going on? He figures out what's going on pretty quick. But

Kevin Erhard 57:16
I appreciate that's the the realization gap from from Yeah, experiencing zombie to acknowledging zombie. You got to hit that pretty close.

Phil 57:27
You gotta hit it.

Kevin Erhard 57:28
I mean, we're way beyond the saturation point for zombies and undead and what have you, you got to move, you got to accept it and move on if that should happen in the real world. I mean, well, okay. 55% of people would not acknowledge that there was a zombie epidemic. Right. Right. But

Phil 57:49
and then 25% People would acknowledge there were zombies but would blame would say that it was part of Yeah. This is this is part of the the you know, the uprising

Kevin Erhard 57:59
and JFK zombie Jeff cage.

Phil 58:02
Right. And the rest of us would be dead. So it wouldn't be so bad at least we wouldn't have so zombified elites, and and then Master Chief runs into young private men dosa. Who was he was damaged from from before.

Kevin Erhard 58:26
From before private men, man. Well, Mendoza. He's dead. He is. Yes. Totally. Chunk ified into he is just like parts of his body are just animated by the the sludge. That is the flood. Yeah. And Mendoza, the Mendoza thing. Mendoza, rather the thing that had once been Mendoza, and yeah, you know who match chief really needs? is Kurt Russell.

Phil 59:04

Kevin Erhard 59:05
Oh, I mean, have you seen that man?

Phil 59:09
I'll take I'll take him now. I'll take him in the 80s Any Kurt Russell's case? Any Kurt Russell's? Good. Russell.

Kevin Erhard 59:18
Kurt Russell butts.

Phil 59:21
He likes to drink he likes to party. I'm gonna hang out Kurt Russell when it just maybe just just

Kevin Erhard 59:29
a little bit. Just just hold

Phil 59:31
them just hold them in the darkness. But you're right. He desperately needs Kurt Russell. Nobody trusts anybody. Nobody trusts Least of all private.

Kevin Erhard 59:43
We're all very tired

Phil 59:49
and masterchief just he just murders murders this shit out of this just blasts him apart with that shotgun. Thank God he found that naval ship thank

Kevin Erhard 1:00:01
God he found that that really worked out great. That worked out perfectly and we get no another moment with Jake with Captain Jacob keys. Who? Yes. He was not in fall for each we have determined

Phil 1:00:17
he was that is different characters not him.

Kevin Erhard 1:00:21
guy that is a that is back if anybody is what they call a callback. So he's trying to remember who he is he has he so he starts repeating a mantra, which is just his name and serial number.

Phil 1:00:35
And it's pissing off the parasite, which I thought he like he senses that him remembering his name. And his serial number is angering the parent. I thought that was such

Kevin Erhard 1:00:46
a nice touch. It kind of gives the the idea that the parasite can't do its its mutation and shit until it completely takes over his mind, basically. So for now, he's just because he's remembering his name and serial number. He has stopped it.

Phil 1:01:03
Yeah, he's holding it back for a little while. He's kind of Yeah, like, this is what you imagined people are doing anytime. There's a movie with a person who has psychic abilities, and you're fighting against them. And the only thing they know how to do in the movies for the person go. Like they're constipated. He's basically doing that, but in a far more fat way.

Kevin Erhard 1:01:25
So so as the one final scene is masterchief running into some living Marines. And they're like, Hey, we should sir. I would advise that we leave.

Phil 1:01:42
Respectful, respectful. Let's get the final. The chief goes.

Kevin Erhard 1:01:46
That's command thinking, Corporal, let's go. I like that. You're right. We should leave.

Phil 1:01:54
takes a minute to go now. You're thinking like an officer. Let's

Kevin Erhard 1:02:00
fair. I mean, he ever the Master Chief is like, I'm out.

Phil 1:02:05
Yeah. Good luck, ladies. Gentlemen. Yeah, yeah. Oh, my God, hashtag list.

Kevin Erhard 1:02:12
And he's gone. He says strangely too much. To his surprise. It felt good to enter the stinking swamp. Very good. Indeed.

Phil 1:02:20
Yeah. So and that's, and that's the end of that chapter. And that's,

Kevin Erhard 1:02:24
that's what we got. Yeah, there's some fun moments in those chapters. You know, going back and revisiting them. I think it's I think it's, I like this series of chapters better than some of the chunks that we read earlier in the book where it was kind of samey battle stuff.

Phil 1:02:45
It does feel like he's getting a real handle for more, or you always threw something into the battle scenes that made them stand out a little bit. But now it feels like the battles FuRON are feeling a little more he He's really He's really finding a rhythm with them now. And it's it's really nice. There's a shit ton of fighting in what we just talked about. And it was actually really enjoyable to read. It wasn't it wasn't

Kevin Erhard 1:03:13
a slog. Like somebody Yeah, no, any other scenes were a little bit sluggish that the only other thing I would say is that the the scenes with masterchief doing like the silent cartographer, and the control room scenes from Master Chief, were a little bit because they were just so beat for beat from the game. It's just a little.

Phil 1:03:33
Yeah, it's a shame and it's okay. Yeah, I totally get it. I totally get why that would be. But it is a shame that the MO and you even said this earlier that the moments we come back to masterchief are the ones where I go that's Halo for Christ's sake. Like why am I bummed out? At

Kevin Erhard 1:03:55
least looking forward to is the Master Chief moments?

Phil 1:03:59

Kevin Erhard 1:04:00
I think it's I think there's a few things at play is because it deets kind of like Nylund before him is hamstrung by the character of masterchief. Because there's not a whole lot going on in there. I mean, not right now. Now, one of the best character moments is when he gets his feelings hurt by Cortana calling him a Burberry.

Phil 1:04:22
We're even aware that he could get his feelings hurt. It's it's fantastic. It's really good stuff. And yeah, I totally agree. We spent a whole book sitting in the inner monologue of of MASHIAC chief, and now we've come to it and react. And it's a little jarring at times. And I will say and I think I think the the thing that Dietz brings back from it all is that the supporting characters, these covenant characters these these Hal Hal writers, you know, like like just all these Guys aren't Yeah, right. And they have it shows you how good of a writer Yes. Is. It makes me want to read more of his stuff because it's like when left to his own device. World. Yeah, he's a good writer when he doesn't have to follow

Kevin Erhard 1:05:16
the strategy guide.

Phil 1:05:19
Right? That's exactly. So he's, like, there's no question about him being a good writer. It's just it's he's just kind of, he's a little hamster.

Kevin Erhard 1:05:30
Right? I think I think he's a little hamstrung. And, and it's one of those things where I'm always interested in. And I think this is way too early to make this judgment in the podcast. But we'll see as we go through, I have a theory about books that are written, written as direct adaptations of a game versus books that are written as sequels and prequels to a game. And Ryan, my theory is when it's a when it's like a sequel, or prequel, or just an in universe story, that the writer has a little bit more flexibility on, you're going to get a better product, the only thing I'm going to say that really doesn't give me any favors in that argument is Deadspace. Which was, yeah, really had as much flexibility as you can get. And it was, yeah.

Phil 1:06:27
It was it was it was too much too much.

Kevin Erhard 1:06:29
He was. Yeah, but yeah, so follow reach. Still, I still say fall reaches better book than the flood, obviously. It was, you know, had a little bit more flexibility. So that's why I'm, I'm curious what's like, what's Resident Evil caliber and COVID gonna be like, and what's some of the other I'm looking for Yeah, too, because the, the, the parries are always pretty good writers. So you know, yeah. But that'll,

Phil 1:07:01
I think it'll be fun considering we started with the Resident Evil books. And, and Miss Perry. I'm going to be very interested in how, after we've read a bunch of other video game novelizations when we come to and I'm playing with our schedule, yeah. Now.

Kevin Erhard 1:07:22
Because we really did, yeah. Around our one year anniversary, we should aim to do our Oh,

Phil 1:07:28
yeah. Call. Good call. That would be June. So that's perfect. Okay. Yeah. So it's, I'm going to be very interested to see how it compares now, because I remember us thinking it was a little mediocre. It was a laughable. And now with all the stuff we put, we've put behind us, I have to wonder if our opinion of it won't have gone. Yeah. Especially with her being able to write exactly and not be beholden to a narrative structure. She's not writing. Right.

Kevin Erhard 1:07:54
Exactly, exactly. But that does it for tonight's episode. Thank you so much for listening, everybody, we truly appreciate the support that you've shown us. Over the past seven months or so it's been a wild ride. And we're really looking forward to continuing on this journey. If you can, please share us with friends of yours. The only way a podcast grows is word of mouth. And we've been we've been growing every month. So clearly, some of you have been able to get the word out. And we really appreciate it. If you can rate us five stars on Apple, iTunes or Apple podcasts. Also, Spotify allows for ratings now. So if you could drop a five star rating on Spotify, if that's your platform of choice, and I know 35% of you, that is your platform of choice because I look at the analytics probably too much.

Phil 1:08:52
Proud to say proud to say that we are in the top 10 video game podcasts in

Kevin Erhard 1:08:58
that is Yeah, and thank you for everybody from Argentina who listens to us that is that is very huge. That is awesome.

Phil 1:09:05
It's It's really neat. So thank you so much. And And Kevin's right you know like we see the growth every month and that has everything to do with you guys passing it around and telling your friends and that kind of thing. And we are insanely grateful because we're i i didn't know we'd be doing this for we've worked on projects before I didn't know we were gonna go so yeah,

Kevin Erhard 1:09:27
no like this. This seven months. Gonna go on for seven more years. 100 years.

Phil 1:09:36
100 years. I mean, God have you seen how many video games?

Kevin Erhard 1:09:40
There's so many. There's so many

Phil 1:09:41
will be fun. We haven't even touched. Touched

Kevin Erhard 1:09:44
naff. We have but we don't talk about it.

Phil 1:09:49
We don't we don't talk about snacks. We don't talk about burnout.

Kevin Erhard 1:09:57
So yeah, that'll do it for today's episode. Have a good night everybody good night

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