Quest in Show – S2 E13

Episode Synopsis

On this season finale of Quest In Show, King Pratt Hemlock turns to a familiar publican for advice on where to go next, and give resolution to a few loose ends. This feature length special sees the return of some key characters from past adventures, with glimpses of what awaits the Kingdom of Trottleara in the near future.

An enormous thank you to TehSnakerer (Duncan Brewer), ChariotRider (Sylvester Stand), Eclipse (AwfulPossum), Mark Mountain (Arcadology), Emily Nace (Pontiac Lestrade), LambHoot (Yianni DeVito) and Prose Ethlina (Nevyn Holmes) for lending their talent one more time, and to everyone else who appeared on Quest in Show this season.

I’d also like to thank everyone who’s been listen to the podcast week on week and has been supporting in their own little ways, whether it’s been good reviews, managing the Quest in Show TvTopes page or sharing it with others. However, special thanks must be paid to the top-tier Patreon producers:
Valerie B
Undercover Squirrel

Please look forward to a third season of Quest in Show when we return in 2022!

If you’d like to continue the ongoing adventures of Trottleara at home or online with friends, or want to create a fantasy kingdom of your own, consider downloading the QIS play system to play for free!
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