Oops All Monsters – Episode 11

Monster Mash

Episode Synopsis

We have a special treat for you, Dear Readers! This is the first in a new set of Special Features we are going to run from time to time to help expand the show and bring in new voices. 

Friend of the show Kevin @thearcadologist joins us to help referee our first MONSTER MASH episode, where we put the monsters that we have been presenting into a bracket (like sports!), and use a rudimentary dice system to determine WHICH IS THE STRONGEST MONSTER OF THEM ALL!!!!

This game is a chopped and screwed version of a system invented by @thecritshow ‘s  Rev, which I mention in the episode, please check them out if you enjoy Actual Play goodness here: linktr.ee/thecritshow

But make sure you don’t sleep on Pixel Lit, where Kevin & Phil discuss the novelizations of your favorite video games, and you can get all that here: 

The PixelLit Podcast! Because the only thing better than playing a video game, is reading about it. Hosts: @bringphilariesling and @thearcadologist


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