Diablo: Legacy of Blood Part 4

We wrap up Diablo: Legacy of Blood in today’s episode. What will happen to the armor? Who will live? Who will die? Will men stop hitting on Kara? Who knows! Let’s listen in and find out!

Phil 0:00
Oh yeah, especially when you've built it up as much as he had. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 0:05
But you know, it's always satisfying What's that? Hey there everybody welcome back to pixel SRA we're always satisfying we're always we're working we're new New Guinea smooth like a we're like a Snickers bar

Phil 0:21
exactly we hungry have a pixel have a

Kevin Erhard 0:24
pixel it you know that's that's one way is if you're if you if you if you get some ramen ramen noodles and you put on pixel it and yep

Phil 0:36
we are we are the chopped green onions and hard boiled egg that dresses up your ordinary everyday 50 cent ramen

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yep yep I'm the chap

Phil 0:48
I'm the I'm the onions Oh Kevin star boy.

Kevin Erhard 0:51
Oh boy. I thought I was the onions

Phil 0:54
no wait am I oh god dammit I am the hard boiled egg Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 0:59
Anyway, we're finishing off Diablo The legacy of blue

Phil 1:09
let you see a

Kevin Erhard 1:12
good witch spoiler warning. I've been I've been looking at this super cool dude on the cover this entire time. Nobody who looks like this ever makes an appearance in the book.

Phil 1:25
No, no this is merely This is merely the cover of one of the expansions to Diablo two

Kevin Erhard 1:31

Phil 1:33
that is all it is.

Kevin Erhard 1:36
That's That's it they just threw that looks cool painted on the side of a van. That is

Phil 1:44
that's you know Morrow and

Kevin Erhard 1:45
oops, all monsters segment. It is pitch and fan art.

Phil 1:50
This is indeed pitch and fan art. I just absolutely. So got one winner.

Kevin Erhard 1:56
We got one winner here. So yeah, we're we're back and we're starting with with chapter 16. And Kara finds herself underneath loot galane

Phil 2:13
Yes, she's in some sort of a labyrinth for wandering around with this terrifying old man terrifying

Kevin Erhard 2:20
old man who's just like settling who's just like, doo doo doo doo evil

Phil 2:28
there's evil Yeah, we heard you at I don't think there's a Baba there might be evil. I don't think that's evil happen.

Kevin Erhard 2:40
It's like you get the feeling Kara gets the feeling that things are like shifting and changing as she wanders around.

Phil 2:46
And big time.

Kevin Erhard 2:48
And you know, that's, that's, that's impossible. That can't happen. Corridors can't change like that. Can they?

Phil 2:58
No, it's a very it's a very tulle music video kind of moment. And she's just like making herself through all of these weird shifting corridors. I love the moment too, because she she's like, trying to use her magic to figure out how to get through there. There's this door and she's like, Well, that can't be it. Right? Oh, and she's trying to use it. And then finally she just like, fuck it and just turns the knob on the door and it opens right

Kevin Erhard 3:31
now that you say it, I was like, I remember laughing when I was listening to them. She's just like, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna try it. And she just, it's just a regular App Store. It's not a magic.

Phil 3:42
It's a store. What? Why are you suffering? It made me think of that episode of Rick and Morty. Where, fuck? Chris Cornell's character gets dropped off in like this. Alternate Reality nursing home.

Kevin Erhard 3:56
Daycare Exactly. As I'm leaving in the nurse goes that was always allowed. Right?

Phil 4:02
Exactly. That was always allowed. That's that's what the old man should have said to her. Like the door was always allowed. Just it is it is good. It is good. It's it's a good moment. It's a nice woman. She, you know she but she does finally come you know, she opens that door ends up at a blank wall. She's opening one door after the other and she's just being taken in these impossible circles. Like she's like keeping track of the angles. And it doesn't make sense. Like it's impossible that shit would be done.

Kevin Erhard 4:40
And this guy who they're identifying as horizontal, because why not? That's not it's hit. Oh Horizont is still alive. Somehow. We've accepted that right at this point. Right. Kara has accepted that this is horizontal.

Phil 4:57
This is horizontal. I mean, I'm in an impossible maze. Hear,

Kevin Erhard 5:00
it's like she's so she's in an impossible maze and Horizont is at this point written with a characterization of like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Phil 5:11
Yes, very much so very much so. Like you do really expect him to start doing the weird word blades. Like, if I'm upside down, why aren't you upside down to then that must make you right side up or I'm right side up and you're just like, Oh,

Kevin Erhard 5:27
shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Stop Shop. I just like seeing it. You know what? I mean? Lewis Carroll. You did? I guess you did some stuff. But like, I just want to reach through the pages sometimes. And Alison Wonderland and just slap the shit out of you. Because yeah, I'm talking to full full fledged Will Smith. Like, like, keep keep these words out of my goddamn book.

Phil 5:56
This will be this will be our only reference to that this

Kevin Erhard 5:59
will be our only reference, we are no longer making references to that. By the time as far as pixel is concerned, it never happened. By the time this episode comes out. 90% of you will have forgotten that it happens. By the

Phil 6:12
time this episode comes out Will Smith will have like attempted to murder the President or something like that.

Kevin Erhard 6:20
Either one of two things will happen. That or he and Chris Rock will star in a commercial together. Right where they they make fun of it.

Phil 6:30
Right, right. They make the reference like like, Mazda just offers them too much money. I don't know, man, it wasn't gonna be Ford let's face

Kevin Erhard 6:40
or it's like an insurance company or right or money or Snickers it's like, it's like, you know, like when you when you you're not yourself? Not yourself? Yeah,

Phil 6:51
they're gonna they're gonna someone is going to drive a literal dump truck of money to their house and say please, oh, please. Oh, please do this. And yeah, that's going to work out real well for everybody involved. Chris Chris rocks. Great. Great. Great grandkids are gonna go to Ivy League colleges because of that commercial. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 7:13
Yeah. And meanwhile fine. What's Oh, yeah, no, she fine. You're you're continuing on with the Karen horizontals. Yes, yes.

Phil 7:27
Yeah. Yeah, she she finds it speaking of Mad Hatter bullshit. She does indeed. Find orizon eating at this fully, you know, this beautiful spread on a table. It looks wonderful. Except the whole thing is completely upside down. She's the only part of the room that isn't

Kevin Erhard 7:48
upside cases are upside down. Doors are upside down. Just like the Snickers bars are obsessed. Snickers bars are glued to the ceiling. They're not actually upside down. They're glued to the ceiling.

Phil 8:00
And that's the only part that he couldn't quite get couldn't quite get right. So that actually is super glue, super glue.

Kevin Erhard 8:07
Everything else is magic.

Phil 8:08
Everything else is totally magic. I don't know why Snickers is immune to my particular form of chicanery,

Kevin Erhard 8:15
their pores on orders the girl to sit and eat. Right. Okay, meanwhile, meanwhile, Corizon is an Italian mother in law. So it was like you're not eating enough.

Phil 8:31
You're not eating enough. You're so thin. I guess so skinny.

Kevin Erhard 8:37
Meanwhile, out in the desert, malevolent Zach's are up to no good. They're outside. They want to they just want to fuck some shit up.

Phil 8:47
They are ready. Yeah, they're hanging out at at Lucca lane with an army of demons. Zags X is like kind of cagey and nervous. It's not really clear why. And they're just sitting around and a patrol starts heading towards them. And they just fucking massacre them with these magic flaming arrows. And then in true bad guy fashion, allow one of them to escape. So he can tell the others

Kevin Erhard 9:15
tell the other nodes of what has

Phil 9:17
to be others that Wu Tang ain't nothing to fuck with. And that's that's what they're there for. But then they just charge they just add just started attacking the city. They've got one order the demons have one order bring malevolent the man in the armor and everybody else is disposable. And it's looking pretty good for Luke galane at first because the archers shooting down there knocking them all down there. You know, this city has stood for generations for a reason. The demons are going down. And then all these you know they get cocky. They throw down the drawbridge, they charge out on their horses and that's when all the demons put on back up and just slaughter Yeah, all of the guys. It's a It's kind of embarrassing. It is

Kevin Erhard 10:06
an embarrassing battle for the Luke Galena, Ian's for the for the palainian for the Lutyens of what is the what is jeans for the LGs the Elegy for the LGs who keep it real? So, we're off to the next chapter in Norik and it weren't chapter 17 Nor can Galleon or just chillin there chillin and

Phil 10:35
what they do here the violence

Kevin Erhard 10:38
that yeah they're hearing the the violence and the bloodshed and they are also looking for the now they are looking for the the tomb of horror. Well it's the tomb of horrors on or it's the ancient what did that what is the other name for Sanctum the Sanctum the arcane Sanctum or something like that arcane sang which is referred to as the tomb tomb of horrors on its it's like back and forth. But yeah, it's kind of interchange. It's kind of interchangeable at this point. Yeah.

Phil 11:10
This is this is a great moment to because galley this is where it is they really just, you've probably suspected at this point that gal Leona is not really all that capable. She is probably the least successful. Of all the people we followed so far. But this is where like she really shouldn't you just honey, please. We need just

Kevin Erhard 11:31
yeah, she's she's like, I'm totally in control of this situation. She is She has not exhibited a single ounce of being in control of the situation on page one.

Phil 11:44
And none whatsoever. Like she's trying to use the she's using the feminine charms thing. And it's like, she's laying she like they teleport into a room that's full of statues that are just like in the dream that he had earlier. Right. And she like she's she she lays it on really thick like she kisses him. And immediately Norik starts thinking I'm gonna get rid of her pretty

Kevin Erhard 12:10
Yes. She's a little clingy. cling wrap,

Phil 12:17
she's she's Yeah, she's a little she's Yeah, don't stick your dick in crazy. That's that's the feeling he's getting right

Kevin Erhard 12:23
now. They find a they find a coffin. And there's nothing actually in it. No, they think that horizontal body should be in there. Oops, net. No, it's not. No, not there. No. And yeah. So what would you say happens next? Would you say the building attacks them? Or

Phil 12:49
it's it's weird. This is this is actually the point in the book where we get a lot we start to get a lot of magic from here on out. And it can be very wishy washy and I don't know about you, but I had to reread several sections from here on out. Yeah, that weren't always clear. It's so so yeah, he has this dagger that he's been using and he and he is convinced he says you know the wrong markings are on this coffin none of this is real. He thinks the statue you know the statue faces are what the bar took inside of him kind of remembers but they don't at the same time. And so right basically he starts like trying to cut through the illusion. Yeah. And and, and by the way, Galleon is getting a little snappy.

Kevin Erhard 13:35
Yeah, here. She is snipping and snapping at his heels. Yeah,

Phil 13:39
she's Yeah, she's she's really playing patent backseat driver a little too hard for my tastes. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 13:44
And so the this stagger basically cuts through the coffin, as if the coffin is. So basically, you'd be like, Oh, none of this is actually here. What we're thinking is here isn't here. It's a projection of what's it's a projection of what I guess bar two would have imagined his brother's tomb to look like. That's not explicitly said anywhere. That's not excel. But But I think that's kind of what it was hinting was that it's basically just showing me like, oh, yeah, it's totally the tomb of horrors on this is what it would look like. And I'd be like, No, it's, it's not even that's not the room they're in is barren. There's nothing there.

Phil 14:29
Right? That's that's essentially how I took it to it. And when this happens, when it becomes clear that he's not buying it. Everything starts to go to hell, like the room starts to shift and shift machines.

Kevin Erhard 14:44
There's hallways and there's not a hallway and then it's

Phil 14:48
what's the who's the it's like an Ansel Adams drawing

Kevin Erhard 14:52
and or MC Escher,

Phil 14:55
MC Escher. I went about thinking of MC Escher. Yeah, it's an Escher drawing. And every Yeah, the stairs They're up on the ceiling and then they're down here and everything's shifting right he gets knocked over and he's trying to get back up again.

Kevin Erhard 15:06
Yeah, he's the armor slug he's like falling off of a cliff or something.

Phil 15:10
Right? Right. Yeah, he's he's falling for some reason. And Galliani of course just like she's like 10 minutes like

Kevin Erhard 15:19
you know what, I'm out. I'm done. Yeah, I am actually finally making the right decision here and I'm leaving right and like she she gets summarily so she gets rewarded with her only smart decision for the entire book. Yep, by getting roasted from the inside

Phil 15:45
Yes, she she just like it's yeah, she just says fuck off and leaves them and the armor is just desperate for revenge and

Kevin Erhard 15:56
and blows her up blows her up like

Phil 15:59
just like you said from the inside out she basically disintegrates and it's it's very unceremonious she's just gone

Kevin Erhard 16:06
yeah it for main character for point of view character. It was actually a little jarring for her to just be like it was literally two sentences of like, and then she was gone. And she's to picture wrap on galley ona just like,

Phil 16:23
just like it's pretty abrupt and it's like,

Kevin Erhard 16:28
it's like and this is one of my criticisms is like Carrie if you're going to have her as a point of view character, then I believe point of view characters should have some sort of an arc. Right? She doesn't have an arc she just has a and I want the armor. All she does her who she's affiliated with over the course of the barite but

Phil 16:54
we don't really even do we ever even find out why she wants it

Kevin Erhard 16:58
No, no, she just wants it to be in control of it and drill the world maybe so yeah. So in church to be fair, is everybody just everybody in this book wants that? Yeah, but galley ona is somewhat. And this is probably going to be some of my harshest criticism for the book, galley ona has is is a 2d character who is written with that. Basically all she is is like a sex pot sorcerer, who uses her feminine wiles to control men has no and has zero change from what she believes from beginning to from her first page to the she wants the armor. It's only a superficial change in like she wants to do it. It's not like she changes her mind. She like sees the horrors that the armor could ride. And like changes their mind. Like she basically just tries to leave out of self preservation because it's gotten to be too it's like, this is too much effort is too hairy. Yeah. And then and then she gets evaporated for it. So yeah, it's kind of like a bummer for for you for her to have like, and that's why I was jar it was jarring when she died be like, Oh, okay, so we're just killing a character out a primary character whose arc is not even develops. Right? That was kind of my my takeaway from that.

Phil 18:33
And it is I don't disagree, and it isn't. It isn't like a end of Season One of Game of Thrones kind of jarring. she just, she just wasn't given much more than a trope. She's just a trope. Yeah, for all intents and purposes, she's the seductress witch. And that's really all she exists to do. So as we've spoken up before, as we've gone with this book. There's a lot of setup here. And so a lot of stuff, a lot of setup. And this is our first moment where something concludes very definitely. And it just just didn't quite hit the mark on

Kevin Erhard 19:15
yeah, there's no payoff to any of the setup with galley, Anna. No, I agree. Other than she becomes another piece of cannon fodder for the armor to kill.

Phil 19:27
Pretty much. Yeah, pretty much.

Kevin Erhard 19:30
The only

Phil 19:30
difference or cheese or Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 19:32
the only difference between the first main character through the first main character to die. Yeah. So yeah, that happens. So basically, the scene ends and we get a playback of that scene from a different point of view. Now, we start like, and we start seeing a version of the scene from the point of view of, of Cara and the man we're calling Horizont a Right, right right they're basically looking at it through a portal or something and and they witnessed the same beat up to gal Leona getting killed.

Phil 20:13
Right and and it's it's interesting she starts care starts to realize that this Sanctum is arcane Sanctum that they're in is like this impossible pocket universe Yeah, that he's created here everything is self contained. She's begging Horizont to stop the armor. And and and Horizont doesn't seem to care. But the Sanctum itself does respond and gives her this vision of what we see in the previous section, right? She starts to see all of this and and they get everything goes down. So chaos goes down, she sees it all happen. And then she sees Norick battling for control with the armor, which tells her she tries to plead with Horizont saying the evils in the armor not in this man. Let's try to spare the man and end the curse. And then kind of asked this pointed question because Corizon doesn't seem terribly interested. And ask this pointed question of like is are you a is Horizont just as bad as his brother because he's about ready to just blow them all up. And again, the Sanctum hears her and basically allows her to reach out and she gets to enter the domain to hopefully right help Norik in this moment. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 21:43
Yeah. So basically, we pick up in the, in the next chapter in chapter 18. And yeah, George still

Phil 21:57
falling. Still falling. It kind of feels like it's like I remember when I was I lived up North, I lived in Pennsylvania and the snow in western pa up in the mountains. Pretty bad. Yeah. And at my ex, we were walking in the, from the dorms. And we hit this patch of ice and I caught myself pretty quick. And she began to slide one way and then readjusted and started sliding the other way. And then started and she basically fell for what felt like four minutes. Just she fell for forever. Because every time she readjusted she started falling in that direction. And I she hated me for a very long time. I'm convinced we broke up because deep down I couldn't stop laughing I couldn't stop laughing. I earned it. I admit it, you know, but I think of that when I think of this. He's just kind of perpetually falling. And then finally Kara, like, reaches out and

Kevin Erhard 23:05
catch them and pulls them up, pulls them up and is like Alright, well let's let's figure this out. Let's let's work together. And she he's he's like, Well, who are you? And she goes, because I'm a follower of Rafa. And he's like, he gets he gets there's like a moment where he's taken aback by the fact that she's a necromancer and then immediately moves on because he's like, No, I probably shouldn't get too pissy about like her being necromancer

Yeah, he's

Phil 23:43
like, I don't know if I have much of a leg to stand on air. But they do. They basically take a minute to get each other up to speed with everything that's happened on their side of things like he's sharing memories with bar too. She's been seeing him and visions, and they need Horizont to remove the armor essentially. Right. And so they're having a nice big conversation. And while that happened while they're talking who appears says X X, your and my favorite bring man.

Kevin Erhard 24:19
Yeah, our favorite praying mantis. Basically, he he tries to kill Norik. Yeah, Kara pushes Norick out of the way because she's she's the only hero in this book. She's the only good person here and she gets stabbed to death by class and I was like, I was like, at this point. I was like, given how quickly Galliano was killed. I was like, do it just kill both female characters in back afterwards?

Phil 24:51
I felt the same way. I was like, though and here's the thing I'm so I was just like, No, no, no, that's not that's not what we're Come down we both know we know that's not what happened I refused to believe because yeah they they basically go all right she's dead now and Zack finds out about galley owners fate and has a nice good long laugh over that which is I really did expect some sort of showdown between the

Kevin Erhard 25:21
two between Zach's and galley ona right yeah

Phil 25:25
right because they build up so much about the two of them being

Kevin Erhard 25:28
bound and destroy each other or whatever. And it was like so galley ona got killed and Zach's realizing that galley ona is dead, and nothing happened to him. He's like, Oh, I could have killed her all this time. Like, yeah, he's like, we weren't actually bound the way that I thought we were.

Phil 25:48
Right, right. Oh, yeah. That's hilarious. By the way, he's like, oh, so because he had no idea. He's like, Oh, that's stupid. I wasted a lot of time. Yeah. Okay. So he has but he finds the humor in the situation. So that's nice. It's

Kevin Erhard 26:05
nice. Good for him good for Zazzle Yeah, you know, exactly. That's X and yeah, yep. Sit and have having a picnic together.

Phil 26:14
To have the greatest was a great great. The the Palindrome twins Yeah. So they're not Yeah, yep. isn't quite one. But still, yeah, back off.

Kevin Erhard 26:24
He's an honorary one. So honorary one, you know. Yeah.

Phil 26:28
So it's, we get this really interesting moment where Zach starts he starts basically talking to the armor and the armor gestures like and basically is acknowledging the demons presents much to Northstar. Yeah. And Zach says, Hey, I know where the helmet is. Do you want to be whole? Do you want to be a full set and get all of your synergistic abilities? And the armor goes? You bet and says it goes right this way. Then the armor literally just follows

Kevin Erhard 27:02
the armor makes a Scooby Doo sound when Yeah, what did you score Norwex likes always armor. That's for Scott. That one was for Scott. That's for you, Scott. That

Phil 27:22
one's for Scott. Yeah, and and just and it's kind of hilarious because obviously we've had lots of moments where Norik hasn't been able to control the armor. That's kind of the whole point. But I think this is the most insulting because the because it's the first time that the armor is being addressed like he's not in the room right like like he's he's just he's just secondary Yeah, and yeah, so it's so this section ends with the armor basically followings as ex

Kevin Erhard 28:00
lobby let it's doing the let's all go to the lobby dance out of the room. Yeah,

Phil 28:06
he pulls out a little top and just

Kevin Erhard 28:07
just and they just leave Kara's body there.

Phil 28:12
She ain't getting any living her

Kevin Erhard 28:14
but she is not dead yet. No, and Sukkot Monty Python. She got better.

Unknown Speaker 28:25

Kevin Erhard 28:26
I got better.

Phil 28:30
I feel happy. Which is the main phrase of the Rathmann. Coulter. Yes, of course.

Kevin Erhard 28:41
So basically, who should return, but the two goals that she is bound to Sadan tryst and what's his name? The visionary fashion? Yeah, they come back and they're like, holy shit. Yeah, she's dying. Oh,

Phil 29:02
this, this is not good. And this is this is the first because we get all we're gonna get all the closure of closure is

Kevin Erhard 29:10
read this book does. I'll give it this. This book does wrap them into a nice little package of closure. It's a nice little and nice little closure package.

Phil 29:21
Right. Right. It's really nice. And I will say this is the first bit of closure on one detail in the book that I actually I was like, that's good. That was that was a nice little twist because she's dying. She's on her way out. And Faustian say to basically, you know, you remember they made a pact with her a life pact, that anything that happens to her happens to well, anything that happens to them happens or I don't know if it works both ways. Clearly it doesn't because they're fine, right. So but part of the LifePak was them taking some of her life force, which they released they released the pact and basically it Basically they took like half of her HP away, right?

Kevin Erhard 30:02
So she's sitting at zero HP. And right she has just failed to death saving throws, right? It's just gonna fail a third. When they they zip like One HP back into her exam. She doesn't have to make any more if

Phil 30:19
she's she's stabilized and stabilizes

Kevin Erhard 30:24
her wound heals. And but except her clothes are covered in the blood that was hers at that point. But she's otherwise she's, she's happy and living.

Phil 30:37
She seems to be doing Oh, she's

Kevin Erhard 30:39
living. She's not necessarily.

Phil 30:41
Yeah. Just uh, well, yeah, I don't know if anyone in this world is happy, per se.

Kevin Erhard 30:46
I imagined it's like, it's like at this point. It's like pitch black in there. For some reason. I just know like, I don't think you're wrong.

Phil 30:54
It doesn't look good in there. It's time has passed. But yeah, so we get a we get a quick that we get another moment of getting people up to speed. Yeah. She she's trying she starts trying to pitch to the resonance. The idea of like, we can't I know you want to kill north, but you shouldn't kill north because it's not his fault. He didn't mean to kill you guys. The the armors in charge. And they they both go. Yeah, we know. We were trying.

Kevin Erhard 31:24
We were never trying to kill them.

Phil 31:26
No, nothing to do with it. No, we just we just wanted to get rid of this armor. Like that was what it

Kevin Erhard 31:32
was the only that was the only goal. And she's like, you know, I'm a dummy.

Phil 31:38
I feel like I feel like questions could have been asked. Yeah. But I guess we're all friends now. She calls out to Horizont hoping that he's going to help her here's nothing more than so the Yeah, so the three of them. Oh, yeah. And they give her her sacred knife.

Kevin Erhard 31:54
Yeah, yeah, they break the bond. And they're like, You know what, you probably need this more than we do.

Phil 31:59
Yeah, this is gonna be important. And they let her know this is gonna be important against that demon thing. And the you know, the one that stabbed? Yeah, the

Kevin Erhard 32:05
stabby demon that stabbed you is you you're probably going to need this bad boy. And basically, because then the knife is like the thing where she that's the thing that she uses to to do most of her magic, I think. Right? So she's like, she has like one hand tied behind her back this entire time because she doesn't have her super Rathman necromancer knife.

Phil 32:32
Right and now she's back to full power back

Kevin Erhard 32:34
to full power. She's leveled up.

Phil 32:37
So with the chapter ends with all of the all three of them heading to Lugo lane, where they're planning on dealing finally with Bartok's armor and with NORC himself. Yep.

Kevin Erhard 32:51
And chapter 19, where we zip back outside of Lucca lane, to general malevolent and his soldiers are still on the attack.

Phil 33:03
But now they kind of made a deal with the generals over there. They're like, look, we're gonna keep attacking you or we're gonna fuck you up. But we will hold back and we will not fully decimate your city. If you guys search for this man in the art. Yeah. And they ain't found they have not

Kevin Erhard 33:21
found them yet. And so that basically the armor is going to just like walk right up to him.

Phil 33:34
It's hilarious. It's another really unintentionally hilarious moment, because he's just standing there. He's just watching his demons like just chucking arrows and fire and shit at the walls, and Zach's walks up it's make a point of saying it's broad daylight. Yeah, this giant praying mantis and

Kevin Erhard 33:54
bloody red armor.

Phil 33:56
Right? And here he is

Kevin Erhard 33:57
as x like this one found it. There you go. There you go.

Phil 34:05
And malevolent is just drooling. Right now

Kevin Erhard 34:09
that one is bad guy like, yeah, getting he's a bad guy. And he's this close to his goal. You know, he's just about to cross the finish line. And he they they're basically and he does the he monologues. He reveals Oh God, what the what basically what is going on here? Like why after all this time? did was it Norik that the armor went on? And why is it malevolent? Who has the helmet? Why is it Why did all this work? And malevolent breaks it all down? Basically Norik and malevolent are our relatives. And they are ancestors of Bartok. So they're both they're both Long long ancestors several, several things removed from from bar to but their blood, their his their their his blood nonetheless. So that's why he explains why oh, well, you know there's there's all these dead bodies down there Don't you think it's weird that you're like the first one like that the armor jumped on to and which

Phil 35:23
I have to admit I hadn't thought yeah it was

Kevin Erhard 35:25
like, really like that is a good point that like, you have to imagine that somebody in the previous dead body groupings had at least like maybe put their hand on it or something and nothing happened, like tried to grab it that got pulled away by some other tools or whatever. And when when Norik touched it, it magically appeared on him. Right. So I think that's that's a good point that that ties up that little loose end of not that not that it was like a loose end that I was actually thinking about actively.

Phil 36:03
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It was, it was one that I completely forgotten about. By this time. By this time when they brought it up. I was like, Oh, wow,

Kevin Erhard 36:14
that's that. That's okay. Yeah.

Phil 36:18
Now, and, by the way, on a side note here. This is the first moment in the book so far, that I feel like I fully interpret how much of a dandy malevolent is. He comes off as very poncey. Yeah. Very rich man kind of general which I wasn't picking up on before very foppish but this is the first Yeah, yeah. And I think it's because he monologues like an old James Bond villain here.

Kevin Erhard 36:47
Do you expect me to talk I expect

Phil 36:50
you to give me the armor it's that level of like here are my evil plans monologuing and so yeah, we finally so moleben is like well time to time to get the armor off here. So he tries to cast one of the spells that he's been using before that like just drains you for life for like that's

Kevin Erhard 37:11
just get it over with doesn't work right? Does doesn't work at all. Nothing happens nothing. And zazz X is like well maybe the armor thinks that you're attacking it. Maybe you need to just like hey, just see the kill Norik and just we'll deal with getting the armor off. Right And guess what? It's the armor is not necessarily a fan of malevolence ideas.

Phil 37:37
No, no, no, the armor. He goes to cut his head off. And the armor defends itself like he brings out his you know Shadow Blade and the armor brings out his Shadow Blade and clang clang we got a lightsaber fight exactly we get out we get our good old fashioned 17 century lightsaber fighting it's just it's uh it's really weird because I don't fully I don't fully grasp why the armors fighting amongst yourself i My guess and I they may you mentioned this but my guess is they want to see who's the most worthy who comes out on top Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 38:18
I think it is has something to do with like the will have like if malevolent had the armor it's less likely to be bar to like in control. Bar to Blake's being in control and it knows it can do that with NORC right. Okay. I think that's kind of the vibe there. So it's like no, yeah, you're gonna give me the helmet. We're not giving you the armor.

Phil 38:49
It's just easier really. So zazz X is watching this fight go down. And he's once again did you you ever hear of Zach's being nervous

Kevin Erhard 39:00
now he is it

Unknown Speaker 39:01
it happened again? It

Kevin Erhard 39:02
happened again. That's a nervy little demon demon. Boy

Phil 39:07
it is he is a very insecure Darian demon for being a mass as well be a Disney villain. Yeah, he's just from we're not even the full villain. He's like er

Kevin Erhard 39:19
he's more like Iago

Phil 39:23
he puts on a big show

Kevin Erhard 39:24
and makes a lot a lot of noise imaginings as x is being voiced by Gilbert Godfried love and who would play my level in in this

Phil 39:33
well, this rate I want Jeremy Irons

Kevin Erhard 39:36
Jeremy arms.

Phil 39:38
Yeah, well, Jeremy, I want another I want another Disney villain veteran who is not at all afraid of hamming it up for a bad fantasy

Kevin Erhard 39:50
movie. I just imagining him in, in, in Die Hard With a Vengeance. Like Luke go Wait is being burned to the ground and he's standing there like Holy Toledo. Looks like somebody had fun.

Phil 40:10
God he was. That was just the extra hammy Jeremy Irons in that one. It was so good. He just, we will also take Malcolm McDowell in a pinch. Yes, we

Kevin Erhard 40:20
will take Malcolm McDowell or or Taryn stamp. Oh, yeah. Terence Stamp still alive, right?

Phil 40:30
Oh, no, no, no, I got it. He is

Unknown Speaker 40:37
alive. He's well live. All right, so I

Kevin Erhard 40:40
thought he'd be so good. You can't get a nap.

Phil 40:45
Right? They all come from the same school of creepy weirdly Asian guy. Yeah. That works out. Yeah. So who works? So, so while Iago is sitting there, getting all nervous writing his realizes, biting his nails, he's thinking to himself, basically, the Lyle is going to see him as a total fool. If he's back to the wrong person. He started to get nervous because he thought NORC was just gonna be a pushover, right. And if he looks stupid, it might be the end of him. And he thinks to himself that he needs to even the odds, right? Which, which probably means fighting dirty.

Kevin Erhard 41:27
He's fighting dirty, he's gonna fight dirty. And the one of the other things that we see with Nordics, like, Norg is like watching the fight happen. Yeah, he's kind of back seat on this one. And he's just like, Oh, damn, the armor is kind of shitty. It doesn't actually know how to fight.

Phil 41:50
Oh, this is hilarious. But yeah,

Kevin Erhard 41:54
it's missing openings. It's like, it's like it's a and it's basically he's basically saying to the armory, like, you know, sword fighting has evolved a lot over the last 1000 years. I don't think I know as much as you think you're

Phil 42:07
right, even if you are fighting against yourself. Yeah, and it's actually very clever, because while bar two might be a super powerful sorcerer, he isn't necessarily like

Kevin Erhard 42:20
the greatest, great sword fighter No,

Phil 42:23
no. And he starts noticing actual moves that malevolent is using and he as a veteran of several wars and different campaigns recognizes what the, you know, the what do you call them? retaliatory? Yeah, moves would be right against them. And he starts kind of shouting at the armor let me fight like let me do something here. And he's working against it and fighting against it. Until eventually he does gain control. Right?

Kevin Erhard 42:52
The armor is like, like, Alright, see if you can do better you know?

Phil 42:57
If you die it's on you. You die.

Kevin Erhard 42:59
It's on you. I mean, I am. The armor is just moderately invested in in winning this at anytime you can be like, you know, whatever, man.

Phil 43:10
It is funny, isn't it every other time that the armor takes control. The armor is this unstoppable killing machine. And for this one, it does feel like the armor is kind of phoning it in. Yeah. Just like I guess, man, I win no matter what. So you know, whatever.

Kevin Erhard 43:26
Yeah. But yeah, that is probably one of my, my favorite moments in the book. And then oh, it's and then and then the chapter ends was as x being like now

Phil 43:43
Right? Yeah. Because as excellent Yeah, it

Kevin Erhard 43:46
looks like Norik is about to win. Yeah. And then we kind of we we leave on a cliffhanger. And basically we cut over to Kara just like she is now outside on the dune and she's like, Oh, who has bad she's happening?

Phil 44:07
A lot is going on a lot of things happening. Yeah, this is this is what but first things first. So she she basically runs up just as as x is about to bring his horrible claws down on. She runs up and dams the

Kevin Erhard 44:25
shit out of him and NABS the shit out. she buries the dagger in him. And now that the dagger is in him, she can like cast all sorts of hurty spells at him. And she is not loving it.

Phil 44:39
No, no, he is he is not doing great. They just start having a fight back and forth. And then she essentially casts what turns out to be a fear spell. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 44:49
And he because start seeing angels everywhere.

Phil 44:53
Exactly. Because there's if there's one thing that we are absolutely certain that says X hates its angels And and he just fucking beats feet and gets out of there. And Kara kind of reads all of our minds at this moment where she's like well that's not exactly a satisfying and now I'd much rather it'd be a little more permanent but we'll take what we can get

Kevin Erhard 45:15
Zacks basically Hunter S Thompson's and says we were just out of Barstow right when the drugs began to take hold and he started seeing

Phil 45:28
creatures everywhere yeah, and he just Jesus, what are these goddamn animals that he just said he's? He's gone because who hasn't imagined the Dr. Hunter S. Thompson as a giant praying mantis who among us I asked

Kevin Erhard 45:47
who amongst us, and that person may cast the first stone axe or something. That's

Phil 45:54
the first fears the first years So Kara has this moment though, where she realizes she's watching Norik and malevolent fighting and she realizes I gotta kill she's probably gonna Yeah, I'm gonna probably have to kill somebody. She's not

Kevin Erhard 46:10
she has to hype herself up.

Phil 46:14
Like, okay, murder,

Kevin Erhard 46:16
murder somebody.

Phil 46:18
murder someone so malevolent is spouting more of his magic eugenics. It's essentially like he's like, we're part of the same bloodline but my blood is thicker than your blood

Kevin Erhard 46:31
better blood clearly I write you know,

Phil 46:34
he's he's he's part of the One Drop theory there and he's just, he's spouting off like that and and he starts to try to tear off Norfolk's face yeah, because he's losing the and you know how it is the moment someone starts to lose a fight they immediately try to tear off somebody's face it's it's that old

Kevin Erhard 46:57
that old chestnut battle so so at one point malevolent tries to just like I'm gonna just go for any takes a big old swing and and and Norik is disarmed until he remembers that the sword is magic. And he warlord he Warlocks this sword out of thin air. Just as malevolent is charging and Whoopsie daisy the he has he has successfully stabbed a killing blow malevolent right in the chest with a big ol magic sword.

Phil 47:34
It's it is kind of like oh shit, it's it's really hilarious because it's like all he's been fighting with are these magical swords that are appearing out of thin air. And he any I guess

Kevin Erhard 47:47
while he talking to a shark for a while he's like, I'm disarmed. And we're like, No, you can put you can pull the sword out of thin air man.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
It's your old just fucking do is just fire your own.

Phil 48:01
And he does any wins and he takes the helmet and puts it on Barczyk in his head. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 48:07
we get a lot of bar to Ken blood and

Phil 48:11
he cuts off general malevolence head like yatta

Kevin Erhard 48:15
yatta. Just to like, just to clear just to tie up that loose ends because the short the stabbing of the heart wasn't enough. You got to know. The Yeah, so we got we got a lot of Vigo the Carpathian bullshit for the next couple of days for Vegas.

Phil 48:35
I mean, we've been getting that from Bartok's. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 48:39
On a mountain of bones on a throne.

Phil 48:44
Right. And he takes it that extra Vigo step forward when Cara approaches and he start and and I would spar to extend the checkout. Like, everyone needs to check her she's hot. She's hot. And she and when she he's, you know he's high.

Kevin Erhard 49:02
He's hot but doesn't know it.

Phil 49:05
Right? Right. And she clearly does clearly and it starts out okay, because he's like, he's like, okay, how can I use her? What can I you know, what, what is this? This girl could be a wonderful pawn. How do I use and you're like, Okay, that is probably how that guy would think. Yeah, everyone he met and then he starts going she isn't unattractive. However, it could be maybe she can be one of my hook.

Kevin Erhard 49:27
Yeah, she could be my concert. If you know what I mean.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
And it's just like this poor fucking woman.

Kevin Erhard 49:36
Can she go like can she go one interaction without somebody saying, Hey, you're hot. It's hot. But I'm telling you this for the first time and

Phil 49:50
you've never heard that ever heard this heavier have you? Well, she's like the other side of the coin from galley ona where galley ona wants to seduce me. people but isn't very good at it. And then Kara who seduces people constantly but doesn't want to, you know, just she doesn't some maths,

Kevin Erhard 50:09
he doesn't want to deal with it. She doesn't Yeah. So she's, he's, like trying to, and she's also trying to talk like trying to one last ditch effort of like, like, hey, like, fight it, you know, let's let's you're Rorick you don't have to. You don't have to. And then he uses sand magic because I guess he has sand magic to bind to bind her to the dune with sand. Yeah, he

Phil 50:39
just he shoves her in the dune. And he's basically completely Underbar to spell at this point and puts on the helmet. And

Kevin Erhard 50:50
let's see everybody's shot. And then we

Phil 50:52
get. Yeah, and then the revenants get ready. Oh, well, we do. It's kind of a cool moment. Yeah, she's she's trying to, she tries to talk him out of it and reminds him of his friends. And, you know, basically how many more people would be killed. He gets one last little moment of humanity. And then he sees that she's got that knife in her hands and interprets rap correctly. By the way. You're, you're gonna try and kill me. Yeah. Which she wants. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 51:19
so it's like, let's wrap let's, let's wrap her up and some sand rope. Yeah, he's like, I'm victorious. And then Satan fast and fast and show up. And that breaks that kind of breaks the bar to knus and he's like, Oh, shit, I am so sorry, guys. I didn't mean to murder you. And they're like, We forgive you. And then I think it's Satan. And now we're going to Satan goes yoink and takes the

Phil 51:52
right takes the helmet. It just and just and then he the armor blasts them away. He's struggling, he's fighting. And finally he gets up his his, his power meter is full. And he manages to rip off one of the gun hats. And and then while he Now you remember, he's always been he's been casting a lot of spells, but the words have been coming out of him without his say so. But he starts to use Bartok's memories which are of course in his head to cast a spell of his own right. And across town, across town about 100 feet away.

Kevin Erhard 52:33
Meanwhile, at the gate, Lane, all of the the people all of the soldiers who are being inhabited by demons, that spell breaks and the demons start like Gourley ripping out of the soldiers bodies, and then dying because they don't they can't like stay on the mortal plane. So it's just this body horror moment of these soldiers pretty just like disintegrating and piles of blood and demon viscera. And there's this one point where it says one of the Luke galane Soldiers throws up

Phil 53:22
Yeah, fair enough. Yeah, fair enough. Fair enough. That's that's Yeah, absolutely. That's it's yeah, it's a really horrifying moment. It's pretty great. It's like the messiest exorcism of Yeah. With no less well

Kevin Erhard 53:38
yeah, well, it's it's pretty gross. It's pretty so and now Kara is is totally is she's broken out of the sand ropes. Yes. And she is trying again to talk him out of like, like you can do it you can you could get the rest of this armor off. Let's let's and he's like No, you gotta you gotta kill me go straight for the neck just Just kill me. Let's let's get it done. And then a day use x fuckin machina

Phil 54:26
Jesus X Marsh Jesus

Kevin Erhard 54:27
Ex Machina horrors on the old man is like basically is like doo doo doo and just like the armors off he like he is able to he's able to get the armor off the talks the armor into like it he basically talks the armor into taking itself off or something like that. Right seems like you know what our time is it whatever our time is over you know, right buddy come on, come home, come home gather.

Phil 54:58
It's an interesting moment. cuz he's like my powers negate your powers, your powers negate my powers. Let's just

Kevin Erhard 55:04
be let's just call the whole thing off. Right, exactly.

Phil 55:07
You know, like,

Kevin Erhard 55:09
let's just let's just wrap it up. And yeah, so All right.

Phil 55:15
Did you understand this part any better than I did? I think you know what I'm talking about. Because you were talking before. The man we call

Kevin Erhard 55:24
or the man we call horse on so basically Horizont was never the man report is on was the building that they were in the arcane arcane Sanctum was horrors on Horizont explains that at one point, he was down there and he was building this arcane sanctum. And then he's like, this sucks. I'm just going to become the arcane Sanctum and he does.

Phil 55:51
I think we've all

Kevin Erhard 55:52
we've all been there as you do. Yeah. So

Phil 55:58
and the but the homeless guy, if you will. They they the crazy old man was just some wizard who got caught down. Yeah. And some

Kevin Erhard 56:06
wizard who was just wandering around and yeah, they, they, he is he loses his mind down in the arcane Sanctum and Horizont feels bad about it. So they go just let this guy hang out here and do stuff for me. You know, run out for groceries and shit. Literally. Yeah, literally. So now, horrors on present possesses the wizard man. And that's how all this scene is happening. Right now. Right? Okay, right? I

Phil 56:39
did. Yeah. All right. I'm just glad I had it. Right.

Kevin Erhard 56:42
I just Yeah, you had it right. Now with the resolution of what happens like the armor, the armor gets sucked down into the sand or whatever. And the old man who hoards on possessed turns to us, right?

Phil 56:57
It just, oh, you understand that it was fucked up that you possessed my body and soul for so long do you? You're gonna give me a new life where I'm gonna get to go out and and find my own destiny and maybe study magic again. And no, none of that you're just you're worm food,

Kevin Erhard 57:14
no worm food, even warm food.

Phil 57:16
You're just sand.

Kevin Erhard 57:18
You are sand. It is over. And it's like the way it's kind of written is kind of grotesque because it's like the last thing NORC sees is like a pair of eyes in the sand and then they turn to sand and it's like,

Phil 57:32
for a moment there. There was a pillar of sand and a pair of eyeballs sitting inside of it for just one moment. So

Kevin Erhard 57:40
now we have just as a checklist malevolent malevolence, dead Galleon is dead. Bartok's armor is gone gone horizontal is gone. Horizontal zazz X is MIA Yeah. After that's for now who do we have to to wrap up oh we got we got it we need picture wrap on Sad Satan and Faustian who are like Oh, who explained like oh Cara by the way, it wasn't you that resurrected us? Right was like it was him and they're like him who? And it was like, it's like oh, Zacks is actual fears come to life. It's like an actual fucking Angel. Resurrected

Phil 58:32
Angel. It is the most it is the most like fucking it's like this quick moment from one of those Christian paperbacks you see at the Walmart like Like, is there really a heaven? Yes. And Angel brought me back to life. Yeah, help fight back against my friend who was taken over by the

Kevin Erhard 58:53
devil because they were playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
It was mazes and monsters down there isn't monsters.

Kevin Erhard 59:00
So vivid Angel, just Jesus is Satan and faston right up to heaven. Just yeah, just just as the Jesus and the marry. They both got pulled right up to heaven. Region Bible, folks. That's what happens. They don't die. Marry, marry, didn't marry never died. funfact marry never died. She was just pulled right up.

Phil 59:27
I heard that. I heard that.

Kevin Erhard 59:28
I heard that from a guy. I heard that from a guy, a guy named Jesus. Guide Jesus. Thank you. That picture app on the revenues revenues. They're like, Oh, just just an angel told us to do it. He's here. Now he's our bride.

Phil 59:45
Before Cara and Nora and so much is utter the words What the fuck, they're gone.

Kevin Erhard 59:51
They're gone and they're left alone. They're that like they got Bill Evelyn's dead body. They got had, like 1000s of malevolence, soldiers. is like dead and rotting out in the desert sand. They're just standing there on the sand dune. And everybody is gone. It is just Kara and Norick and Kara is like in this. No, we are not being brief. This is how the book wraps up.

Phil 1:00:18
It is truly it is

Kevin Erhard 1:00:20
like cap ending of things just wrapping up. Yes. Karen basically hairs like Well, I'm gonna hang out and Luke lane a little while and see if they need any help rebuilding and Norfolk's like Can I come with you? And she's like, Sure. And they the end they walk off into the sunset.

Phil 1:00:41
They go, Yeah, we dammit. We get one more fucking like, Oh, she's pretty cute. Like, and she and finally she's like, you get the impression that she's like, he is also very

Kevin Erhard 1:00:55
he's also handsome, which I thought NORC was like a dude in his 50s

Phil 1:01:00
So that's how I took it too because, like, they emphasized that he was a veteran, which I know you don't have to be in your 50s

Kevin Erhard 1:01:08
but like he's spent his the way he's written I thought he was like an old veteran. Like, you should stop fighting ever. And. And Cara's like 20

Phil 1:01:21
Yeah, yeah, it felt weird. It was it was just a weird kind of, alright, fine, whatever weird vibe. You know, it's just like, Okay, great. They're gonna have babies. I guess they're gonna

Kevin Erhard 1:01:33
go have babies. And then we get a nice little send off a little little epilogue. Whereas as x is running through the desert, it's like, ah, and he's still thinking he's seeing angels, but then something starts talking to him. He's like, Well, the will the hallucinations never actually talked to me. So somebody's talking to me. And then right, this is real. This is real. And then he's like, trying to figure out like, this. All this happens right before this Zach's is trying to figure out like, okay, how can he save his hide? With Belisle? Like well I can get some of the demons that that did manage to live from that spell, and I can send them back down that should make life a little happy because he sent me so many demons and he sent me a lot sent me a lot of demons and they're all dead now. So I don't know so he's like straight trying to figure out how to curry favor back when he wrecked his dance

Phil 1:02:31
car and he's like I gotta find a way to you know buff these dents out and then dead will kill

Kevin Erhard 1:02:36
Yeah, and while he's thinking about that something somebody starts talking to him and it starts like insulting him like I shouldn't I recognized your you anywhere and Zacks is like huh that's and then you just see like Dr. Bob and and basically he's dead

Phil 1:03:01
yeah yeah we get we get we get the cut off he starts to cry out the name Diablo and then we did

Kevin Erhard 1:03:09
He's very much a dead demon because Diablo one of primordial evils is free and it's free not a fan as as x

Phil 1:03:21
No, and you know what I don't blame him that's X felt like he felt like a more of a Power Rangers villain Yeah. than anything else just ultimately very cowardly and kind of stupid. Yeah, cowardly so yeah, you get get rid of that get

Kevin Erhard 1:03:37
rid of that guy

Phil 1:03:38
if he can be taken out by a bunch of fucking teenagers with dinosaur blades then

Kevin Erhard 1:03:43
honestly don't don't lie wish that that's how he was killed.

Phil 1:03:48
I would kill if if that was Diablo Power Rangers.

Kevin Erhard 1:03:53
He was like wandering through the streets of Luke galane Just like eating rats to try to heal themselves or something like that. And just like some some teenagers just beat him and stole his his sneakers or something like that. I think that would have been the the most appropriate way for for ER B

Phil 1:04:17
there will be a way more it would have been the fate that says X deserves let's face facts that's just he deserves that just to get beaten the shit and back not even killed just beaten up and humiliated by a bunch of 14 year olds that should be in school, right? That would be better. But that's the thing we got anyway and and that's the end of Diablo legacy.

Kevin Erhard 1:04:40
That's the end of Diablo legacy of buds so five check on this. Yeah. How are you feeling about this book, buddy?

Phil 1:04:53
Okay. I I have a lot of feelings. because on one hand this book had moments in it that were unlike anything we have had in other books we've read so far you've got who could forget the pig demons from hell literally crawling out of the crust of the earth to bring him dead lizards and squirrels and shit too we have the demon work is really fun there are these really interesting moments within this and even a few tied up ends like the ones we mentioned that have that work really really well but sets I up we challenged this book to make all of the setup all of the building blocks being set up worth it in the end and I don't think it fully pulled it off now and on top of that the tone is kind of weird like it's interesting because this book is not based on any moment in the in the world

Kevin Erhard 1:06:04
say in the immediate aftermath of Diablo one

Phil 1:06:08
right and that can be a lot of fun as we've seen before when the author is given free rein to just play in a world you know like like John Shirley for example with you know, and any number and deets and then the people when they are the best parts are always the parts that they are just playing with it they make whole cloth instead of having just to adapt one dungeon after another or one level African writer there were moments in this that I wasn't sure how true to the world it was Yeah. Diablo is like blizzards edge Lord Frank writes. It's very bleak. It's very dark. It's very grim. And, and I know we keep harping on it, but I can't get it at it. The whole like, Karen needs a boyfriend thing was driving me Chris Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 1:07:04
It was it like it like maybe once or twice, maybe once once it can happen once where and and maybe just as a method of demonstrating her agency as opposed to like, she doesn't need a fucking man. You know?

Phil 1:07:23
Right. Right or if or if we had her with a character where a relationship even have the romantic stripe built up? Oh, yes. Fine. Okay, ended this book with this random kind of thing where you can tell that they're kind of sweet on each other. Yeah, I don't know

Kevin Erhard 1:07:41
who that's all I don't know. And I don't know these characters literally just met each other. This is her first time I really meeting Norik without like the cloud of without the cloud of and as an audience we don't know a whole lot about Norick outside of the armor, we know some things but it's like I don't know.

Phil 1:08:08
We had we had lots of moments where we could have fleshed them out a little bit more. Even if it meant sacrificing some of these some of the characters I galley ona ended up being kind of unnecessary. Even Even to the point where like her her ties to malevolent kind of went nowhere. And then her Titus Zanjan

Kevin Erhard 1:08:31
went nowhere. It was just like, basically thrown out at the end of the book.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
Right? It

Phil 1:08:35
was like, oh, yeah, there was no need there. Their connection didn't mean anything. It was fine. And it was just why is that necessary? There are a lot of wonderful moments. I'm not going to sit on this book, you know, but yeah, it I don't know there was some a lot of stuff in here that it just the theme felt a little off the tone felt a little off and, and there was just there was a lot of there were too many. Whereas we've had lots of books where the there was so much padding and unnecessary additions. This had too much skeleton you're making a human with nine arms. It was like we don't need that many arms.

Kevin Erhard 1:09:14
In true Diablo smashes it had too much skeleton,

Phil 1:09:18
right? I mean, what about you? Is

Kevin Erhard 1:09:21
that basically where you where I land on it? I think like in terms of descriptiveness setting a scene for the most part really good. There it gets a little loosey goosey at the end with describing and letting the reader understand what the fuck is actually happening. Especially when it gets to the art when you get to the arcane Sanctum stuff.

Phil 1:09:50
Yeah, oh, yeah, that one was very obtuse, very

Kevin Erhard 1:09:54
obtuse. Yeah, overall, it's it's like and and But at the end of at the end of this year, we'll probably do another you know, discussion about where we we kind of slot everything. Yeah, this is this is probably forever gonna live in the mid pack where the you know the quality and the style of the writing is fine but the the theme the characters the characterization, it all felt a little like it's yeah, for 75% You're like, this is really cool. And then 25% You're like kind of ruined the other 75% Didn't it?

Phil 1:10:42
Yeah, knack is very good at moments these the interesting scenes the set, the moments are great. Yeah, yeah. And but it just for whatever reason, you know, this particular piece those moments just didn't hang together all that well. No, no, so yeah, I think it's got a lot of interesting meat. But a nine arm skin a lot of interesting

Kevin Erhard 1:11:08
needs but not enough meat on too many bones.

Phil 1:11:13
Right? Right. We get these wonderful little nuggets in in the in the different you

Kevin Erhard 1:11:19
really got like fish that meet out in between like a couple of ribs or whatever. And it's like, Why can't your finger on it? And it's like, it's like a it's like you order a whole chicken from Boss Boston Market. But yeah, for some reason. There's like half of the meat is missing. Right. And the meat that's

Phil 1:11:39
there is really tasty meat. I just I just wanted to hold just one and

Kevin Erhard 1:11:44
a whole chicken tonight. And I did not get it. Yeah. And you and you forgot the mashed potatoes. And you've you ordered the mashed potato. You ordered that NATO's I ordered the delivery person did not give you the match potatoes.

Phil 1:11:57
And I think you knew that I wanted mashed potatoes because you included a little couple of

Kevin Erhard 1:12:02
mashed potatoes. Were actually the reason you made the order in the first place.

Phil 1:12:07
It's all I wanted, so you can't do door to door spend $20 Yeah, I can't You can't just order that. I'm not going to spend like the fee and tipping the guy and stuff and that's $25 Mashed potatoes. That's stupid. I'm not doing that.

Kevin Erhard 1:12:23
So I'm getting the chicken. But then I all I get is half chicken and then no mashed potatoes and my night is ruined. I'm really hungry. So that's my letterbox review of Diablo

Phil 1:12:37
that's pretty much how it was. That's pretty much how it all went. I think I think those of you who read along with us will will recognize Yeah, that are thoroughly thought out metaphor here.

Kevin Erhard 1:12:49
It's it is a it is pitch perfect metaphor.

Phil 1:12:52
Absolutely. There's never been a better one.

Kevin Erhard 1:12:55
So we coming up next. We're just talking about fun for you. Yeah, we got some fun for you next coming up next we have our interview with John surely the author of BioShock rapture, he joined us to talk about BioShock rapture, the stuff he's doing now all that fun stuff and the crow as well because if you didn't know it, he is the the CO script writer of the crow, the guest that dudes had his had a career and it's a really interesting jet. So look forward to that. And then after that we got we got we got Mortal Kombat coming up. Starting after the interview. John Shirley, we got Mortal Kombat. So Hoo, boy,

Phil 1:13:42
it's been a really interesting year already.

Kevin Erhard 1:13:44
We've had some really interesting books in this lineup. And we're just getting started. It's we're not even halfway through the year yet.

Phil 1:13:53
Oh, I know. It's beautiful, beautiful

Kevin Erhard 1:13:54
thing. But that'll do it for tonight's episode. If you could do us a solid, go on twitter.com which Elon Musk owns 10% of now. I don't want to talk. I don't want to talk about it either. But you can find us on twitter.com at pixel it pod go ahead and follow us there. You can follow us on Instagram at pixel at pod. Go and rate us five stars on your podcast platform of choice. You can do that on Spotify, you can do that on Apple. You can also do that on Audible. I don't know if there's any I haven't looked that deep into the stash shit I didn't think about I don't know if there's any anyone listening to us on Audible but you can listen to podcasts on Audible. You can so we're there. We're there. We're on. Yeah, we're on Audible too because why not? i i

Phil 1:14:45
Because it is we want you to be able to find us everywhere everywhere. Wherever find podcasts. You're one of the weirdos who listens to podcasts.

Kevin Erhard 1:14:53
Yeah, wherever find podcasts are sold. You can find us there and if platform supports this supports it. Right so little review and maybe it will read it on the show. Absolutely. That will do it for tonight's episode. Have a good night everyone. Bye

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