Diablo: Legacy of Blood Part 2

More Norrec! More Kara! More boats! Almost entirely boats in this segment. Lotta sailing and sea monsters, yarr so be ready for Part 2 on this series on Diablo: The Legacy of Blood!

Phil 0:00
We actually we went and bought we went and bought some Irish whiskey tomorrow. And and we're watching the departed to celebrate because we are very respectful Irish,

Kevin Erhard 0:11
very respectful Irish American.

Phil 0:16
Not experience back to the Irish, we're no fucking cops.

Kevin Erhard 0:19
We're no fucking cops. We're no, we're not a cop. But you know, we are, but you know we are. Hey there, everybody. Welcome back to pixelate, we're not cops,

Phil 0:32
cops. Almost got me with that when Heaven.

Kevin Erhard 0:36
Got you that time for those of you just,

Phil 0:39
you know, well, those of you who haven't been sitting here for the last 25 minutes, so tonight, we always start these things by just, you know, turning on the microphone and chatting a little bit and that kind of thing. And I actually almost got, we just had a nice leisurely conversation. And I almost got to the point where I forgot that we're recording a pixel it. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 1:03
we're recording a pixel it's,

Phil 1:05
it's a pixel,

Kevin Erhard 1:07
as our friend Mario would say. It's been a minute since we've recorded the Diablo episode. We, obviously for you fine folks at home. We released Episode One last week, and you're listening to episode two right now. But in between, there was like three weeks of other shit that

Phil 1:28
we heard. All of the things happen.

Kevin Erhard 1:31
Oh, one of the things happened.

Phil 1:33
We had we had interviews going on, which you guys have listened to by now. We're actually talking to authors now and that there's something about interviewing the authors that makes you go. I don't know if I want to do another episode this week. That was just so much goodness. And I'm exhausted. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 1:50
The author interviews. They're they're so fun. That they hate hate or they hate me up too much. I guess you get too wound up and I can't I can't focus. Well, I

Phil 2:02
think it also spoils us because we don't have to do as much homework for those.

Kevin Erhard 2:05
That's true for the author of like a quarter of a book. We toss them a question and they talk for half an hour and we don't have to say it's beautiful. It's a beautiful system.

Phil 2:15
It's really wonderful. bless their heart would Seth was like, I'm just sitting there talking I'm like that's kind of why we had John man.

Kevin Erhard 2:24
Yeah, we want to hear you talk we hear enough of us

Phil 2:28
talk able people get enough of us talking you you you talk for a little while. Take the pressure off you give that a shot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So for those for those of you listening, only a week is passed by it's it's the usual time period has passed but it's it's been off and on for me and Kevin here. So we're going to be a couple of weeks. On our way back into Diablo

Kevin Erhard 2:50
let's ease our way back in Diablo and we left off at chapter six. That's right chapter six and we're with Norik and he is on the Hawks fire and and shit is is just happening Norik is in his head he's basically just thinking about the past he is he is a wistful we are we're recording this on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. He is is who a wistful Irishman basically in this scene just just looking back you know? Yeah. You know,

Phil 3:26
just having terrible nightmares which I'm assuming most Irish deal with on a regular basis. One Yeah, one reason or another.

Kevin Erhard 3:34
Yeah. Yeah. And yet

Phil 3:36
seeing seeing old dead friends.

Kevin Erhard 3:39
Yeah. Sad and sad, sad dune sad, and Faustian. his buddies from the past who got their necks broken and ripped out respectively I believe. But that is all interrupted by the fact that the Hawks fire is is being rained upon with a terrific old school terrific terrible storm

Phil 4:08
just a classic just a classic sea shanty from hell kind of situation the mast comes it's coming down it's like being held together by you know, the occasional one sailor who can you know just push at it like that's doing any goddamn difference? It isn't. It is not good. The crew by the way is not exactly thrilled about they seem to know that something's wrong with Norick so like Costco the the the captain of the ship basically anytime NORC sticks his head out Costco is like get back inside. Yeah to here.

Kevin Erhard 4:41
We don't watch.

Phil 4:43
We don't watch it here. We

Kevin Erhard 4:44
don't want you here. Get out of here. Yeah, punk and

Phil 4:48
cost goes right. He is correct. That Norik is cursed. But in this situation, it turns out that that's probably a good thing for most Have them Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 5:01
yeah so the gauntlets decided to basically summin summin some like creatures they're slug II type things that kind of like slither down the mast the cracks of the mast and their trails of slime filling the cracks and harden the mast

Phil 5:22
just Alright, we've talked before about how these demons go about everything in the most roundabout like extra point A to point X kind of a way yeah, if they and this is a this has to be my favorite example so far though, you know like this guy could have you know, the author could have Richard neck could have said alright, you still need demons to you want demons to like fix the mess? Sure, fine, then maybe you get like some demon that hold on to it. Or an octopus tentacle to spin around it and it's healed. No, you get giant horrifying sea slugs that their mucus like slides in between the cracks and hardens and just cements silly buddies the shit back together. Yeah, it's great. It's really gross.

Kevin Erhard 6:20
That's gross. Yeah, Richard Knack has a has a way with with just picking these really weird demon formations to solve the problem. If you recall last week, there was the the cavalcade of demons that paraded out just to cook some rabbit. Right?

Phil 6:38
Right. You know, he is in a cursed suit of armor that can summer summon money and weapons from nothing, but it can't just produce a sandwich. It has to bring pig demons from the bowels of the earth to go and hunt for you. It doesn't even like help him hunt. It would also the armor was like because it helps him fight. Why wouldn't it just like chase down a

Kevin Erhard 7:03
rabbit for him or something that it's beneath the armor?

Phil 7:06
I guess so. This armors this armor fence.

Kevin Erhard 7:09
This is fancy armor. So it's in blue blooded armor so so Norik basically just returns to his cab and he's like, Well, that happened. Hopefully that doesn't try to kill me in their sleep. And my diary Dear Diary, I summon sea slugs from the bowels of hell.

Phil 7:28
Why won't Jenny go out with me? Hail Satan.

Kevin Erhard 7:32
Hail Satan. Nori. Meanwhile,

Phil 7:38

Kevin Erhard 7:41
Kara is stuck in a tree.

Phil 7:43
She is stuck in a tree. Bless her heart.

Kevin Erhard 7:46
Bless her heart. She's inside of a tree.

Phil 7:48
She's the wrong class for this. She's not a druid to remind you she said necromancer necromancer

Kevin Erhard 7:52
never managed to share with trees.

Phil 7:55
Yeah, if she had rolled the necro if she will achieve grow the druid she'd be fine. This wouldn't be an issue. But she's basically been unconscious for like, what is it

Kevin Erhard 8:06
two days? Two days that she's been gone.

Phil 8:09
And it's just kind of waiting to die in the hollow of this tree.

Kevin Erhard 8:14
Yeah. And then well, and then she wakes up and she she basically explodes the tree

Phil 8:24
and she Magix her way out.

Kevin Erhard 8:26
She magics her way out. There's no much description other than her eyes glow and the tree explodes

Phil 8:31
Sometimes they're very specific on the magic and sometimes just boom, magic. Come on.

Kevin Erhard 8:37
Come on. I gave you fucking sea slugs. In the previous chapter, we you don't need any more other than the refreshment

Phil 8:45
snails were enough for anybody magic lady

Kevin Erhard 8:47
magics magically the

Phil 8:49
magic press X to magic

Kevin Erhard 8:52
Sexton she pressed F to pay respects to that tree.

Phil 8:57
That tree is gone. Pear Tree is gone. So yeah, Katelyn. Geron finds her lets her know, yes, she has been trapped for like two days. And she she wants to know why is this guy so attached to her? Like she doesn't sense any ulterior motive from him. But she's genuinely curious. Why is this guy so nice to her? And why do you think it is? Right? It's a daughter. You remind me of my daughter,

Kevin Erhard 9:28
your yard. Your mind me of my own last.

Phil 9:33

Kevin Erhard 9:35
Word for word for word. Voice for voice voice. He Yeah. She reminds him of his daughter who? A while back.

Phil 9:47
He had just moved on story.

Kevin Erhard 9:49
He had just moved to town with his daughter. And you know, life is good. It's just him and his daughter. Things are great. And then his daughter goes missing on prom. Oh sure. He's And a search party goes out can't find her days pass. And then he hears his daughter calling out in his sleep. And that which is never a thing instead Yeah, I'm almost up so he follows the voice wakes up follows the voice and went, you know, it's his daughter is a vampire at Brown. And he kills his own daughter with his sword, because his captain sword is not only is it a weapon, it's ceremonial. So it's, it's clad in silver. So it's able to just slice right through his daughter and and enter demonic afterlife, so to speak. And he's a big old sad Captain about that. Yeah,

Phil 10:50
because he had to kill his daughter. And, you know, that's not something you generally just limp away from.

Kevin Erhard 10:57
That's, that's, that's death. That's generally something that just kind of like that stays with you. You know, if it sticks

Phil 11:05
in your craw if you kill it, kill him, you know, no one forgets killing their first daughter.

Kevin Erhard 11:11
No, no one forgets you. He it's it's it is craw. And he that's not a crowd that you can put into a into a boil. Does not crawdads No,

Phil 11:23
not a dad. Not a cron mom. Not a chrome on this is a chronic and not even a crawl, uncle. We might we might be a little rusty.

Kevin Erhard 11:35

Phil 11:37
Crawl, crawl,

Kevin Erhard 11:38
crawl. Anyway, dad. Anyway, they move on. They basically talk about she's like we got to get to the place. We got to get to Luke, Elaine. And because they figure out that there was only one ship that departed in between her abduction and her exploding and exiting a tree. And that was the Hawks fire. Yeah. And then he's like, he does that that knowing nod thing where he's like, Oh, I might know a captain. Yar. Oh, yes.

Phil 12:16
Like I might know one right? He

Kevin Erhard 12:19
might know when he might do me a favor or two. And she's like, oh, sure the captain will be fine Nighy last say think should be fine.

Phil 12:30
I have a feeling he's gonna be very supportive. Are we your captain? Well,

Kevin Erhard 12:37
you got it. We got to your your boat. Right? We're talking I think that

Phil 12:41
this boat might be very close by all right. So it's it's right around there, I think that you'll find very well.

Kevin Erhard 12:52
And she's like, god dammit. And then the chapter ends with the chapter the before like, it's like the chapter ends with ng continues in this manner and fade to black. Fade to black. Yeah. Next chapter. We fade up on Captain Jaron saying you're I think he's a vote is it now in chapter seven?

Phil 13:19
Slapping up just stop.

Kevin Erhard 13:21
Stop it. We get we get gal Leona? Yeah. Who is breasting? Verbally?

Phil 13:32
Sure is Shira. Sure. Is anyone in this book? Who is? Let's galley on it.

Kevin Erhard 13:41
She's talking. She's talking to the general and he's she's basically like, hey, I can do some some magic and try to figure out where this stuff is. And generals like what do you need? And she's like, sacrifice. Who's your worst dude? Who's Who's your worst dude, and drowns like, Oh, I know. I I got a guy.

Phil 14:04
kind of hilarious, too. Because it's like, he's so down like immediate. She's like, she's like, you know, who's your who's your shittiest whatever. And he's like, oh, yeah, like there's it's great to know that even among the officers of your army, there's always at least one that they're like, Oh, I would totally kill this guy. I totally have him sacrifice to a demon.

Kevin Erhard 14:28
So capitolo stras the short stick?

Phil 14:34
He sure does.

Kevin Erhard 14:35
He sure does.

Phil 14:37
Shouldn't have made a pass at the boss's daughter at the Christmas party told us what

Kevin Erhard 14:40
he had told us anyway. They Yeah, they bring toes in and they sacrifice the shit out of him. They sacrifice the EverLiving shit out of it. Like she comes on to him asking like oh yes todos, blah, blah and then she like Zach's basically kills him.

Phil 15:00
goes into his true form his true form

Kevin Erhard 15:02
which is a mantis form in skewers

Phil 15:04
obscures them like delicious

Kevin Erhard 15:07
like, like a fish he says cross or crawdad or cross product or Chroma mom or cross step uncle. Yeah, one of those still not where

Phil 15:19
they started now, we'll try it again another

Kevin Erhard 15:22
time. It's gonna be fine. It'll be fine. We're gonna have something funny to say about craw

Phil 15:27
eventually so they ended up prepping the body for a ritual they're drawing patterns on it in blood and it's I mean it's it brings us back to the thing that I really do love the most about Diablo as a universe in general it is so Satanic Panic level Yeah, evil demons and all that it's not they don't they don't go any they don't need to they don't go any further in their their mythology then good old fashioned Judeo Christian demons. Yeah. And like this is the stuff they do with these demons is everything that the preachers were telling you was going to happen if you played d&d and

Kevin Erhard 16:08
the shit that Michelle remembered? Yeah,

Phil 16:10
exactly, exactly. Oh, I love that reference, sir. Yeah, so they they do this ritual with his this this dead officer and it summons a deformed demon to them. Which

Kevin Erhard 16:24
is just a sleepy boy.

Phil 16:26
Yes, he's just he's clearly just woken up. It's good to know that demons demons also nap. Yeah, because he's just like, What the fuck, man. So

Kevin Erhard 16:35
it's a it's a dreamer, which is, even the demons are a little bit afraid of the dreamers because the dreamers are way more powerful than the demons except for the fact that they're always asleep. Like little sleepy boys. So you don't have to worry about them. Unless you'll wake them up at night. So they summon a dreamer. And we're like, ha ha, is your ours. And also, we brought you a snack and it's

Phil 17:08
okay. Oh. Because when you're when you're woken up, you know, abruptly the least you can do is offer people a sandwich.

Kevin Erhard 17:17
Just that little munchie munchie

Phil 17:19
a little something. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 17:21
So yeah, they they they got galley ona is now seeing the vessel, she is seeing Norik and she starts talking, getting Norik to speak in his sleep. And before he he like finishes saying Luke go Elaine. She gets pulled out of the dream.

Phil 17:50
Yeah, because you know, she's asking him questions. What's your name? What's the name of the ship? Where are you? He's starting to tell her the location that was as x Phox Phox it up he just like she like it. They literally describe it as just his presence kind of like the shadow of him washing over the unconscious form of Norik and and Nord wakes up and basically posing What the fuck? Like, have you ever woke up? And you were holding your breath in your sleep? You just got Yeah, that's that's exactly what just happened an orc.

Kevin Erhard 18:25
That's yeah. And she and he was talking and Zach's like yeah, I was gonna stab him a little bit. You know? Yes.

Phil 18:32
I thought I could help. I thought this was a team project and I thought this gal Jonas Pitt pissed like she

Kevin Erhard 18:38
is furious. Oh, they're out of the dream sequence and went you know what the dreamer has taken the body for a little snack. And mentioned Zach's mentions this this captain told us will suffer a terrible after death. And like, I don't know what he's going to do to him, but he's going to do to him forever. And it's probably not it's probably not good. All because whatever

Phil 19:04
it is, he's gonna do it. It's it's kind of unfair. Really. You know, you're like, told us like, Hey, I just kind of sucked as an officer does that. I didn't do any hell worthy shit. Did I like it doesn't matter. It doesn't

Kevin Erhard 19:19
matter. You're going to hell. We need you to go to hell. So

Phil 19:24
it's really it's it's pretty fucked up.

Kevin Erhard 19:27
And it's funny, because it's like, it's like they didn't get what they wanted. And this this guy. Yeah. Is in hell forever. Just with the dreamer.

Phil 19:40
Yeah, it's, it's, I didn't ask oh, god dammit. Like I'm celebrating so unfair.

Kevin Erhard 19:49
Galliano, Yoda puts together the puzzle that loot can only mean Luke galane After a few moments of being worried that she couldn't figure out that really hard puzzle

Phil 20:01
yeah they Sherlock Holmes was not required to fit to put these pieces together let's just say

Kevin Erhard 20:07
let's just say that it's it's the town with that begins with loot is Louise that they're going

Phil 20:14
you're gonna remember it's like saying it's like you know in a final moment someone says is Stan cuts off and you're like ah could it be iStan Berg guys possibly it's Danville

Kevin Erhard 20:26
yeah I know it's not Stanton Opal

Phil 20:31
nobody's business but the Turks that's so so this is this is but this is good news that it's Lugo Lane in particular because she knows that the general wants both the armor and that city like it's pretty clear that he wants this

Kevin Erhard 20:49
is a good to her right here yes

Phil 20:51
yes but but she knows it's even better for her because she knows that it's not likely that he's going to survive an attack on leuco lane now it is like the city it is it is it is a giant well protected metropolis and so she's like okay cool we're gonna get the armor location we'll basically get an escort inside the city and this guy I don't have to fuck this guy anymore. Yeah, when when when when when when it's how many ladies can can we not relate? Are you with me like you're with

Kevin Erhard 21:27
are you with them?

Phil 21:28
Come on. Please stay with me.

Kevin Erhard 21:33
Hold on, hold on. Hold on here we go there it is.

Phil 21:47
Feminist of the year

Kevin Erhard 21:51
it's coming back and it's even louder now.

Phil 21:55
I was about to leave and then I decided to come back I've Palai of the year filled feeling so so galley on leaves Zach's alone, which always seems like a bad idea really. Because that gives them time to think and so he starts thinking of the advantage to getting rid of Galliano like basically like we know where the armor is so what if the armor doesn't make it to the city? So he's got a he's got a plan in mind

Kevin Erhard 22:37
he has a plan Yeah. Don't like that. Anyway Norik wakes up and he's like oh, what the heck was that? That was a that was a hot lady in a in a shadow

Phil 22:52
lady the shadow is usually just the shadow of my dreams lately.

Kevin Erhard 23:00
So he exits and he's he's like you know stretching himself out as much as he can he gets out of the deck and whoops wouldn't you know at the crew has abandoned ship

Phil 23:08
Yeah, the crew is gone. I love this detail. They saw they took one look at the Silly Putty sea slugs and they were like absolutely not

Kevin Erhard 23:19
not doing it and under no circumstance and yeah cat poor Casco is just like it has to man the ship by himself

Phil 23:29
by himself. I know what you guys are thinking not everyone is a sailor or anything like that. But I'm sure a lot of you are thinking can you sail an entire ship all by yourself without a crew? No, you can't

Kevin Erhard 23:40
the answer is really can't absolutely not you cannot lewdly not.

Phil 23:45
So they're basically just kind of like they there's nothing to it. There's nothing for them at this point. You know, it's fully empty everyone's left and so just so cascode like refers to him as the demon man which I wonder how he got that nickname.

Kevin Erhard 24:04
Yeah, it's clever Casco Yeah,

Phil 24:06
the the sailors basically made it clear that they would rather die at sea than deal with your satanic ass and now I've gotta somehow get this ship somewhere where I'm not dead like that's the whole plan

Kevin Erhard 24:21
somewhere else even though Casco is is like a stiff breeze away from being a skeleton himself.

Phil 24:29
So it's not it cascos never doing well like Cisco is

Kevin Erhard 24:34
doing well doing badly and then and then so they're basically debating the merits of whether you can say Allah ship by yourself when it's a giant monstrosity from the deep attacks the ship.

Phil 24:51
Yes, yes. And I know what you guys are thinking you guys are thinking, wait wasn't Zach's just hoping that something would make B happened this armor to the bottom of the sea. Yes, yeah, yes. Yes he did.

Kevin Erhard 25:06
I wonder if these two things are related?

Phil 25:08
It couldn't possibly be No. Kevin in life, sometimes things just happen.

Kevin Erhard 25:14
Sometimes things just happen Norik had never seen or heard tales of any creature again, akin to this ungodly abomination. Basically, the way it's kind of described is like it's just got a shit ton of tentacles, and a red sphere in the center. And I just think of like a biblically accurate Angel. Like

Phil 25:38
yes. The only thing is missing is just like, eyeballs,

Kevin Erhard 25:43
everyone's eyeballs everywhere and it's saying, Be not afraid.

Phil 25:51
Why doesn't anyone ever listen to my advice about not being afraid? So might not do I have not enough warmth through warmth in my voice.

Kevin Erhard 26:02
Do I have something in my teeth?

Phil 26:07
Oh wait. Maybe it's the teeth actually. Might be

Kevin Erhard 26:11
the teeth. My teeth have eyeballs. I have I like

Phil 26:16
I don't I feel like eyeballs shouldn't be sharp that feels wrong

Kevin Erhard 26:22
sharp eyeball shoot. Something to ponder as you go to sleep tonight. Yeah, enjoy that well enjoy that one.

Phil 26:30
Take that one to bed with you.

Kevin Erhard 26:32
Um so basically they have to fight it they have to fight the thing. And Norik basically starts casting lightning bolts at its

Phil 26:45
well without meaning to of course because nothing is in his control

Kevin Erhard 26:49
nothing is the armor basically starts doing some stuff because the armor doesn't want to end up at the bottom of the sea because then it loses all of its agency because Norik dies

Phil 26:59
and a literal plot armor will be gone from the

Kevin Erhard 27:02
literal plot armor will the armor will lose its plot armor and

Phil 27:06
exactly and we cannot we can't have that

Kevin Erhard 27:09
cannot have that. But we had left off on a cliffhanger as Norik basically he he gets dropped by the beast and his heading straight down into the deck of the ship.

Phil 27:24
Does he bring it down? Firstly does it does it?

Kevin Erhard 27:26
Yes, it's dead. The horrific behemoth shattered Yeah, he struck it struck it in the eye with lightning. Right there we go. So that's that's the thing. So yeah, he's falling falling falling chapter eight,

Phil 27:45
chapter eight, like that one on to the next one. And

Kevin Erhard 27:49
then we get our we get our good friend Captain dronin. Starting this is like air looks like lifeboats off in the distance.

Phil 27:58
This point this is the first thing he said that isn't related to casually hinting that he is

Kevin Erhard 28:05
the captain of the ships a captain of a ship that they are currently out now on there. They're out. They're out to sea. And he he he's like our there's a lifeboat over there. Yeah, either way. I know the ship's owner.

Phil 28:18
Wink, wink, wink. And then that's the end of that chapter. That's in

Unknown Speaker 28:23
Chapter Nine is

Unknown Speaker 28:26
they find a life but they find a

Kevin Erhard 28:28
lifeboat. They pull up the lifeboat. And there is there is a dead body. And he is it is a desiccated husk of a dead body that they pull up from the lifeboat and that they think it's from the Hawks fire but it's like it we're we're only like two days behind the Hawks fire or we're not that far from the Hawks fire. Like this person could not have dried out and decayed this much in a couple of days. So Kara being a necromancer. Thank goodness for that. necromancers you know, dead bodies. They are a hammer and dead bodies are just nails, you know?

Phil 29:11
Pretty much.

Kevin Erhard 29:12
Really well gotta resurrect him.

Phil 29:16
Well, we got to do I suppose. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 29:18
Captain Jerome ins like, Yeah, I'll stick around and watch this. And every time she does a thing seems interesting. He's like, it seems interesting. But then every time she does something, he's like, whoa, what are you doing there last and she's like, shut the fuck up old man.

Phil 29:35
Yeah, she really does kind of like he's he's, they make it abundantly clear by now. That he is that he's good people. Like he's he's, you know, it's she's lucky to have found him. He's a nice guy. But he does. She's a necromancer. Like this is literally her job. And he kind of questions her a lot here. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 29:59
Yes. His neck Romans mansplain necro mansplaining

Phil 30:04
mansplaining Oh, I'm so glad you found that it was right there eautiful just love it

Kevin Erhard 30:15
kept and you're on necromancer planes so what they get out of the corpse was that first the demon attacked the lifeboat. The the tentacle Demon Attack the lifeboat, and sucks, like, suck the life out of this dude to figure out where the actual hawks fire is. Which is weird because you'd think that the Hawks fire would be easier to find first as a bigger boat than than a lifeboat growing across the ocean.

Phil 30:52
Yeah, you'd think it would be a little Yeah, apparently not really not.

Kevin Erhard 30:56
So they get confirmation that the armor Bartok's armor armor the red armor is on the boat and Kara basically gets into the last living moments of this guy she basically does the Obra Dinn see basically momentum or is she does the momentum or a and then she's trying to overdone this

Phil 31:30
yeah with with you know and she over dims this with with about a quarter as much equal parts frustration and all as the time I played through I swear to God, I don't know if you guys have played overdone, but I've never played a game that I absolutely adored and was fascinated by and hated in such equal passion. And it was not and I wasn't even hating over dinner if I'm being honest. I hated myself so it's tougher than it should have been. It was by design it was meant it's a it's just a hard fucking game.

Kevin Erhard 32:11
It's a hard game and Kara plays it really quickly in this scene real quick. Yeah. And she she figures out what happens to the to the to the crew and all that stuff. And the guy's name that she is you overburdening is Calicos and once they get their their answer, she hands the body over to dronin to give him a proper burial at sea. Because this guy earned it

Phil 32:43
Yeah. Oh just say the very least very least he's seen some shit

Kevin Erhard 32:47
killed by a demon then resurrected briefly by a necromancer. Give that guy

Phil 32:52
yeah, they to be to say the very least he's he's earned it. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard 32:58
The next section we're back with Galio Anna and she shouts zazz acts as if she is Skeletor shouting for for engeman

Phil 33:10
It's like it's like the scene in Braveheart where Robert the Bruce realizes his father is like betrayed him and he opens up the tower just screams father up the it's that just my reference. Okay, that's fine. That one that one was for me sometimes you just do it for yourself.

Kevin Erhard 33:30
Sometimes you do it for yourself. Yeah.

Phil 33:35
Dammit, I love that movie. Yeah, so she's cheese cheese. It is not a good thing. To not know where's as x is.

Kevin Erhard 33:46
You do not want to know where's as x is at any given time. It's problematic to present Yeah, it'd be missing.

Phil 33:57
If he's if he's missing. Something's wrong. Something bad has almost certainly happened. So it's, it's not so great. So she opens a chest.

Kevin Erhard 34:08
It is basically a chest of holding.

Phil 34:12
Yeah, yeah. And I didn't get a clear does do they hide from us? Like basically what's inside or did I just miss something? I feel like I missed

Kevin Erhard 34:23
some. I think it's just she packs everything into this chest.

Phil 34:27
Okay. Oh,

Kevin Erhard 34:27
it's just she's doing that and Zach's finally slinks back into the tent.

Phil 34:33
He's suspiciously quiet.

Kevin Erhard 34:36
Yeah, he is suspiciously quiet and she's like, What the? What has gotten into you, buddy? Right. And, and

Phil 34:44
she she she she might as well say that word for word. What has gotten into you buddy?

Kevin Erhard 34:48
Hey, buddy. What do you what's in your mouth? What's in your mouth?

Phil 34:50
Hey, buddy. Go out. Let go. Let go Let go.

Kevin Erhard 34:56
So Zacks is in a bad mood clearly because his Is Galileo gonna doesn't know is that his little tentacle monster ploy did not work.

Phil 35:06
No is not thrilled he is he is

Kevin Erhard 35:09
pissed off

Phil 35:14
and he and she she gets really in his face about like Where were you what was going on? And he kind of threatens her with his claws like he doesn't he doesn't do anything but he really you know brings these claws to bear and kind of scares the shit out of her

Kevin Erhard 35:30
yeah he's like what cuz she's up with this guy

Phil 35:32
yeah cuz he's never done because they basically we get a little look into their lives they have this pact essentially and right they can't they can't hurt each other essentially not directly during that pact. But it's clear that both of them want out Yeah, at this point. Yeah, they're both clearly think

Kevin Erhard 35:52
they needed they need a sorcerer's demon to force them.

Phil 35:57
They need a yeah a demon counselor of some kind. Yeah to get them through this. I agree. And yeah, and we're left with galley ona wondering. You know, she's never seen him like yes,

Kevin Erhard 36:11
he says X He's normally so like light hearted and cheery. Yeah, and friendly and friendly.

Phil 36:17
Just just just a peach of a man. So she's she's really concerned like as if Zach's is freaked out by something then they might really have a problem ahead of him. Yes.

Kevin Erhard 36:32
In chapter nine, we're now in chapter nine and Norik wakes up from falling to the deck and basically, Casco is like well, you know, we're stuck kind of ship has damaged but the ship has always damaged it can still sail. It can't do much with just the two of us. And then the plot armor plot armors the ship?

Phil 36:57
Yes, yes. The Yes. It's kind of I actually really love this because it really is the moment where you kind of expect Nora to like throw his hat down and go come on. Because yeah, Nora it's not dead. He wakes up in the cabin. The cabin is still alive they're like well, what can we possibly do the only thing at this point without you know without someone to steer and other people to take care of the sails we're just gonna go in circles until We dehydrate or whatever and so they go out they check the helm of the ship and the wheel is turning itself like an invisible sailor and yeah the plot armor is also also put a few points in sailing

Kevin Erhard 37:45
they put a couple points in sailing it didn't think it would you would need it that's why that's why it hired the crew but it's really glad that it did that

Phil 37:56
you know it's good to be safe

Kevin Erhard 37:57
it's good to be safe it's good to it's good to you know min maxing only gets you so far you have to have Sony some random skills in there too. For situations flavor fully for flavor Yeah, if you min max let me tell you min max errs are lame. Like oh, so let it just like get have some have some random skills in there. You know, just just like put put a write down on your character sheet that your your character has a thing and has some points in baking, you know,

Phil 38:31
exactly like that. What's a more fun character? I asked you look, we all love your Dwarven fist fighting pugilist? You know, you know, straight up fighter boxing legend. We all think he's the coolest. But what's more interesting that guy or that guy who also moonlights as a florist. Oh, the answer is the latter. Always go with florist, florists, Baker, dancer. Just throw some of these skills in there. You're going to have yourself a great time. Way more fun, way more fun. And one more thing min maxing only goes as far as your DM will allow it exactly. Because if if you min max and one of my games I swear to God, you're going to be relying on those mins more than those Max. I'll tell you what, man we I think we're lucky. I think about that every now and then. I think we're lucky in the sense that we don't really we don't really have those kinds of friends run with that kind of a crowd. So yeah, go you know, listen, all I'm saying is slap your local Munchkin gamer. Right? slap them and tell them tell them Phil said Chick fil A. Anyway.

Kevin Erhard 39:54
Don't don't explain any further. So basically Norik is He's talking to shadows he thinks he sees he thinks he sees faston and satin and they're there maybe probably there Yeah,

Phil 40:11
they were looking and we get they appropriately dramatic Lightning Yeah. And they disappear they disappear and

Kevin Erhard 40:18
cascos like who are you talking to? What's going on back there? Shut up.

Unknown Speaker 40:23

Phil 40:25
it's actually yeah it's He's not joking ladies and gentlemen like it really does go down like that. Like he starts calling out for them. He's like, saying, like he's

Kevin Erhard 40:36
Gaskin has no patience left.

Phil 40:39
He's just like, I am done with you. Shut up. It's when we first meet Casco he's this scummy pirate, you know, smuggler piece of shit, dude. But by now it's just like, oh, no, I'm on his side. 100% There's no getting around it. He doesn't deserve this. But he's having a very, he's having a very bad week. So, so nor asks him, you know, he doesn't want to go as near near his cabin. Now, at this point. He's got a freaked out. And so he says, Is there downstairs? That's like, that's where the sailors were sleeping at one point right? And Cassie was like, Yeah, I think I'm gonna sleep down there. So he just abandons his cabin. Because it's haunted apparently. And, and yeah, and heads down to the cruise bunks. And and, and in the final moments there as he as he heads down, he starts to wonder because in the moment that he saw the figures the visions of his dead friend, right, he had kind he had almost convinced himself that that this was just his imagination, but then he remembers that the gauntlets on his armor glowed when they appeared so he's basically got a bit of a hint here that this might not be all in his head.

Kevin Erhard 42:07
Yep. Yep. We get a scene change and galley ona and and big bad evil man. General Augustus malevolent malevolent I can't get enough of

Phil 42:24
ever gonna get over that name it just

Kevin Erhard 42:27
that is a perfect name for for the for a book with the subtitle legacy of blood I'll say that

Phil 42:33
general evil MC bad dude that's like that just just just cut straight to the chase Goddamnit route is as as obvious as it gets.

Kevin Erhard 42:50
He was he was born vial MC fart face but he changed his name to evil make bad

Phil 42:55
yeah, he will you want to get oh yeah, sometimes sometimes. You want something with a little more subtle.

Kevin Erhard 43:01
joke from from from Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Phil 43:06
Your name's latrine used to be shoot have a good change. Change. I was just thinking of that movie today. Brooks saved us all. General General shithouse McNasty. He's leaving the Army towards Luke galane, presumably while wearing Bartok's helmet. Yep. Which I'm sure there going to be no side effects that

Kevin Erhard 43:43
there are no side effects of wearing BB six helmet parties helmet No, do not look directly at bartacks helmet.

Phil 43:50
Do not mock bartomeu Not Not good, not

Kevin Erhard 43:55
good. So. So basically he starts talking as if he is Bartok and Galileo and it's like

Phil 44:04
this might not be so great and he actually starts barking about another city's name. And he's you know, they're not going to the city. He says this time, the visit June will fall. And she says visit June herb she blurted her tone incredulous. She knew that he had never been to the fabled I don't have ketches Stani Temple City had never yet been across the seeds of that land. In addition, Augustus Malvan had been an only child and he mentioned a brother that betrayed him and an unwanted bastard at that yet someone else Skelly on a new have had not only been to fabled busy his June but had sought to conquer it to destroy it only to be forwarded in the end by his own brother. Pee Wee Herman. No, it's Barczyk Barczyk did it? Yep. So clearly, you know something's here. He's losing track of his own life essentially,

Kevin Erhard 45:02
right? Yeah, he is. And meanwhile, I, I feel like I missed a sentence here. Why does her ring start to melt?

Phil 45:11
Ah, okay, so she starts getting a she starts being suspicious obviously of the helmet that he's wearing. She's like, well, the only thing that's really different from normal, he's always been a freak. But the only thing that's different from normal the normal freaky you know atrocious, Mick, humungous that I know in love, is he's wearing the helmet. So she uses this magic ring of hers, to basically in the magic verse sends out these 10 tendrils that are meant basically she's kind of casting identify, yeah, on the helmet. You know, she assumes it's a cursed armor piece. And she's trying to cast identify however, the helmet has like this built in security system essentially, that like for all intents and purposes, swats her tendrils away and locates her ring and melts it like her the

Kevin Erhard 46:10
her ring. Yeah,

Phil 46:13
the ring is melted down to slag and the gem that she'd been using, which is clearly the magical part of the ring basically just goes black and burns out. So there's a security system built into this cursed armor piece. And so she she's got a real sense of like, oh, fuck, bar two might be trying to come back from the dead. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 46:40
part two is like everybody has these designs on this armor. And nobody's asking what bar to quants.

Phil 46:49
That's where they go wrong, my friend. You gotta ask what? What about bar tuk

Kevin Erhard 46:54
galley ona says I consent malevolence, says I consent. Isn't there somebody you're forgetting to ask?

Phil 47:03
What are you thinking? Little selfish little little self involved here. And bar to birch looks like no one's gonna forget about our tuk helped melt your nicest ring and you'll never forget me. So yeah, it's shifts getting real is getting real. Yeah, it's starting to look like Galliano might start be actually realizing oh, I might not be able to be fully in control of this whole situation.

Kevin Erhard 47:31
Yeah, yeah. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, over in chapter 10, over in chapter 10. Yeah, all the way over there all the way over there. And to see the King shield enter the storm late into its fifth day out to get cool. So basically, the king shield is being heated

Phil 47:52
an entire audio track of you just reading the entire book in that voice. Leave a lot of water, a

Kevin Erhard 48:00
lot of water. All right, hope that the foul weather would break it up before they confronted it. So they ran into the same storm that the Hawks fire basically had to had to deal with me so and Kara is just kind of like hanging out on the deck and ever is just like, you should not be up on the deck during a storm. And she's like, Yeah, I'm fine. She's not I'm sure I'm the protagonist, and nothing's gonna be right now.

Phil 48:31
I'm literally the only person here that's like, has even a semblance of being a good guy. So yeah,

Kevin Erhard 48:40
I mean, the only hero at the moment. So I

Phil 48:43
think I'll be all right.

Kevin Erhard 48:45
I think there'll be a okay.

Phil 48:46
There's a really interesting part here, where we just you know, there I think I think the thing Richard knack is doing really, really well in this is the expository information on the religion, right a world around us. He doesn't give us like giant blocks of text related to the stuff he drip feeds it, and he's doing it very effectively. And we get a little look into the general idea on what a necromancer is supposed to how they're supposed to live their lives, right. And she's starting to realize that like her fear of, she's looking out for the Leviathan that she saw right? In her spell, you know, she's trying to keep an eye out for that kind

Kevin Erhard 49:33
of not aware that it's been destroyed. Right? She

Phil 49:36
has no idea. So she's keeping an eye out for this thing. And she surprises herself because she realizes she's kind of afraid to die. At this point, she's She doesn't. She wants to live more than anything, really. And that kind of disturbs her. Because her whole thing as a necromancer and as a servant of wrath Ma is that They recognize that death is just just a part of life or another part of life. And so there as and you would think, that not just as a necromancer but as like a holy religious Necromancer, that that person would have zero fear of death, right? That it's like, Oh God, no,

Kevin Erhard 50:19
there's just another stage of life that you go through, you know,

Phil 50:22
right. There's there's nothing to be afraid of. But She surprises herself in thinking, Oh, I'm actually and she, I think her understanding of it is that she says, you know, this is this is this proves that I'm probably on the right track. Right. You know that she's doing the right thing. I found that to be a really interesting get a ride. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 50:42
yeah, I it's, it's good. It's the amount of of stuff he fits in, in between moments is is really neat. Yeah, which, you know, obviously, because here's the thing I've played. I've played Diablo a number of times, and I'm never entirely sure about the lore of it. It's just, I press the button and kill things.

Phil 51:08
I've got all the reading and the little audio logs and everything. But yeah, they're a little disjointed. At times, you're like, I don't I just, I just need a new helmet for my character. So I think I'm just gonna keep moving. Yeah, yeah.

Kevin Erhard 51:22
So they're, they're basically they're just sailing, there's the they're basically having some are having some trouble with the waves, somebody falls over.

Phil 51:35
And we do get a glimpse at the idea that the sailors are being very respectful of her. Yep. They make a point of saying that that like one guy kind of hit on her and like, it's kind of embarrassing the way they describe it. It's kind of like, he hits on her but it's kind of in a in a very mild mannered sort of way.

Kevin Erhard 51:55
Yeah. Aren't you a looker? You know that right?

Phil 52:00
She just kind of very calmly you know, says no, thank you. And he and he backs off. And that's how all the sailors are. They make a point of saying like, okay, look, I think we all know what the stereotype was sailors are but the the sailors are very nice. So it's, it's an interesting detail they throw in there.

Kevin Erhard 52:19
Yep. So they they get through the rough waters. And basically Mr. Draco is just keeps like saying, Hey, could you get could you get away from the railing please? And she's like, I'll be all right. And he's had this happens like three times this chapter. And he's like, he's like, okay, and in his mind, I can just manage like, this is not this is not how the fucking see works, lady. Lady, this isn't good. Nobody just get away from the railing.

Phil 52:50
begging you.

Kevin Erhard 52:53
So, yeah, she, she eventually returns to her cabin. And et Cie, she. She finds she wakes up and she is greeted by finally, the two revenants faston and Satan are here and they they have I don't I don't know why they change ships. But they're they're here. Now. They're with Kara and there's flashing her dagger at her.

Phil 53:27
Right? Yeah, they they literally and they don't do much at this point. They literally just show up and leer at her. Show her that they got her knife and say it's good to see you again. And that's it. That's it. That's that's the end of that that section of the chapter.

Kevin Erhard 53:47
They Norik meanwhile, finally they finally arrived and Luke gully and there's no they I love the old man who's who's sitting on the dock says oh, the Hawks fire chicks it's fate once again as if people are sitting there taking bets on it.

Phil 54:05
Oh, I'm sure they aren't they they're basically used to the idea that that that this this thing is going to be a piece of shit coming in. It's clearly going to have barely made it by the skin of its teeth. Yep. And so when this thing shows up with no crew, and just and it's like oh, so you had to call on the snail David's to hold the mask together again did like I wouldn't be surprised if that part they were in like seeing it and seeing it seeing

Kevin Erhard 54:32
it no big deal. It's happened before.

Phil 54:36
So Norik decides he's like, I'm out. Thanks for everything and he tries to be nice like he tries to like shake cascos hand and and I'll head Tesco in a no and no, we're no words necessary. But basically he's like, fuck

Unknown Speaker 54:53

Phil 54:57
That's good. Just like just please I go away. I curse the day I met you. I curse the day you were born. I curse today, your grandfather met your grandmother, please leave me alone. I'm going to drink myself to death over the course of the next three days. And I do not want you here. So somebody, I think that's a wrap on, I think we can assume that's a wrap on casting.

Kevin Erhard 55:25
Let's assume that that's cascos. And what a wrap it is he gets he gets, it gets a solid 60 or so pages of action. And he's like, You know what? I am self selecting right out of this book.

Phil 55:39
He Yeah, he's like, I'm good. Thank you so much for your time. It's off all of you.

Kevin Erhard 55:46
So Nora, Nora, basically wanders over to a bar that he has pulled up. And in the intervening pages, we get a lot of like, stuff about the types of buildings that Luke galane That there's dungeons with, with gold, all that all that good stuff. And Norik basically has control over himself, as he's walking over to this this list this drinking. Yeah.

Phil 56:13
Yeah, it's easy. And he's kind of surprised to you know, he because he's, you know, first off this the city is this, you know, it's Constantinople. We made the joke before. Yeah, but it's like this. It's this highly metropolitan area. Merchants are coming out. And he's kind of admiring it all. And yeah, and marveling at the idea of, hey, I'm just walking right now, the armor is not trying to do anything. It's not trying to lead me anywhere. So he starts thinking I should maybe find a sorcerer, or someone else who can help me get rid of this armor is clearly I'm, I'm cursed, in a very big way. And so maybe, maybe someone will be able to help me out here.

Kevin Erhard 56:58
Exactly. Basically, they. So he ordered some food that I like that scene because he orders some food. And like the armor doesn't pay right away.

Phil 57:14
Right? Oh, I love this seed. Oh, this seed was freaking hilarious. He's like, Yeah,

Kevin Erhard 57:20
he's like, in order some food. The girl brings it back and is like waiting for him to pay. And he's like, he's like, keeps opening his hands hoping that the money. Yeah. And she's like, like, she's, like, last time. Yeah. And she's like, gonna go over and like, get security and then finally, like, a pile of coins falls out.

Phil 57:41
Right? And it's fantastic. And he basically realizes that the armor is reminding him whose boss Yes, exactly, you know, or, or some sort of like, you know, long winded examination and this is what you get when you rely on armor welfare. I don't know. It just it's. Yeah, it's a really funny moment. It's made even better by the fact that like, it not is very good. It's very evocative description of like, clearly hasn't had like a good meal and a long time. And the meal looks incredibly good. Like the food smells good. It looks good.

Kevin Erhard 58:20
It is a wonderful restaurant. All that good stuff.

Phil 58:23
Yeah, it's this. He has this little brief moment of comfort. Yeah, you know, a little like, literal comfort food in front of him. And the armors like, Oh, yeah. Are you gonna pay for it? Was it oh, oh, was I expected to pay for that for you? Yeah. Oh, very convenient. After that, and I this is hilarious, because this is i Maybe I read too much into it. But before he was talking about needing a sorcerer, and then after the armor basically fucks with him, he's eating his food and thinking actually, maybe I need a priest. To start speculating on, maybe a holy man is what I need. And so he asked the waitress about like, what's, what's around here? What are the sites and she starts listing off, you know, the palace and this museum. And then she mentioned this cathedral, like a giant cathedral. And he, she could tell he's like, ah, uh huh, that might be the one

Kevin Erhard 59:21
actually that's our, that's the place to go. Right? So he eats his meal. He leaves and he continues on. He

Phil 59:37
well, he does he gets he a bunch of guards walk in. Right, right, right and kind of start giving them the hairy eyeball and he's not feeling really great about that. So you've ever so casually asked the waitress. Do you have a back way? She went yeah.

Kevin Erhard 59:58
And he keeps like two tipping her at this point he just keeps tipping her every time she does something it's

Phil 1:00:03
given her money and I suspect that this money is illusions by the way, so I feel kind of bad for him because he like keeps giving her like the biggest coins that he has. Yeah, she's clearly just really impressed and thrilled at all this money he's giving her and I can't help but think that like, in an hour that money's just gonna disappear. Right? So imagine her going home to her husband and being like we're gonna we can we can get a new home we're gonna get out of this shit splat down and then like with what what Where did it go? Yeah, just starts freaking.

Kevin Erhard 1:00:37
So he gets he tries to get basically he tries to get away and oh, the guards take him. Yeah, they are pretty interested in whatever the hell he's got going on. They're like, and and basically the armors like yeah, we can work we're gonna allow this you know

Phil 1:01:00
armor didn't do shit. armor has been killing people in the last for way less absolutely won't let them vent let them touch the armor

Kevin Erhard 1:01:11
killed somebody who had disengaged from the fight, ran away. Right armor then summoned a demon to go get the guy like.

Phil 1:01:22
And now he's like being led by the arm by these guards and the armors like, oh, this seems intriguing. Yep. I wonder, I wonder what happens next.

Kevin Erhard 1:01:31
I wonder what happens next. So basically, he gets brought to a visionary. Like, basically like faston, a visionary. And basically this visionary I had cast a spell on the guards, the guards walk away, not not remembering everything. And basically that we get left off with a threat. The visionary threatening Norik if you hope to live Westerner, you too will do as I desire exactly as I desire. And that begins that ends chapter 10. So we have a new window we we have a new dude in the mix.

Phil 1:02:13
New dude in the mix. We got some serious cliffhangers going on in here.

Kevin Erhard 1:02:17
I feel like every chapter is ended on some sort of a cliffhanger. It's been pretty, pretty good. Pretty good ship pretty robust in terms of cliffhangers. So we are now at the end of chapter 10. What page are we on?

Phil 1:02:33
We're almost halfway through the book. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we're well, actually, you know what, we're pretty much solidly halfway through the book. Yeah. So I think we got we got a couple of episodes left here.

Kevin Erhard 1:02:46
Yeah, this book. You know, it's funny as this book is, it's it's pretty overall, it's pretty long. It's got a lot of stuff going on. But it moves at a at a pretty quick pace. Yeah. There's not a lot of fat in it. And when it when there is it's all laying laying the groundwork for for like, just context. And like, Yeah, this is a little bit about the history of the of the town. Yeah. So you get a little bit of that a little bit of that flavor. Because you don't want to totally lean you need a little fat. No, that's that's my writing advice is you do? You don't want to trim all of the fat, you need to keep some of the fat for flavoring. exactly where it is. That's that's

Phil 1:03:33
dammit, Kevin. Did it again. So what do you Well, what do you think so far? How do you how do you we're about halfway point. What do you think

Kevin Erhard 1:03:43
I like it. I like it so far. I think it has a lot of threads. And I think I said this last episode, it has a lot of threads. And it kind of I feel like it opened even more threads.

Phil 1:03:57
The next year. He hasn't hasn't closed any

Kevin Erhard 1:04:00
closed every day. It's just more have been opened. And so I'm curious as to what that's going to entail. Like over the next, you know, the second half of the book, how are things going to be tied off in the end? Yeah, I imagine it's going to be relatively easy to do so because he has done the right thing and everybody is going to one spot. So there's no they all want the same. They all want the same MacGuffin. And they are all headed to the same location. Norik is just the first one there. Yeah, he is arrived first and everybody else is on their way. So I have a feeling that you know, we're probably gonna get some big, some big bad showdowns in the second half of the book. And I'm excited to see how it turns out. Yeah, I

Phil 1:04:52
feel the same way. I feel like we've been on the roller coaster ticking up and

Kevin Erhard 1:04:56
it's still going up and there's been a couple of like little dips but we still have not hit the big. The big drop yet. Yeah, so I'm, I'm excited.

Phil 1:05:08
Yeah, me too. Me too, because it's all been laid out really pretty. It's all been laid out in a really solid way. So we're gonna see how well it all ties up. How well he sews it all up in the end. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that.

Kevin Erhard 1:05:22
So I don't know for this episode, if you can, if you can, if he had the social media wherewithal to do so. Yes, yes. Come on over, come on over, come on over to our Twitter account, hit that follow button at pixel odd, pick a few of our tweets, retweet them for your friends. In fact, sometimes you can share tweets to like, like, like message, text, some tweets to some of our tweets to your friends, because I'm sure people appreciate that out of context.

Phil 1:05:57
don't offer any explanation or explanation.

Kevin Erhard 1:05:58
Just pick a few of our tweets, send it out there. If you're listening to us on Apple, iTunes, go ahead and rate us five stars lead us and tell us a little review in the future. Yeah, we'll probably be reading some of those reviews that people I think that's a great idea. Let's

Phil 1:06:16
let's start reading them. Yeah, fun. Well, yeah. So

Kevin Erhard 1:06:19
give us five star review. Read it and we'll we'll read it on a future episode. That's something to look forward to right. Over on Spotify. Go ahead and rate us five stars as well. And just remember to subscribe to us on your podcast platform of choice check out our website picks lit pod.com There you'll find a link to our Discord where you can join in on conversations about episodes. And I think that's that's about it. You can go or you can follow our Instagram pics lip pod. We got we got stuff on there. It's good stuff. And I think that'll wrap us up. Let's say yeah, yeah. All right.

Phil 1:07:03
We love you. We love you love you so much. Have

Kevin Erhard 1:07:05
a good night, everybody.

Phil 1:07:06

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